Chris Harris has again found a way to share photography, and his creative visual explorations.

In these visual narratives you, the viewer, are invited to come along for the adventure of seeing the world as a sacred landscape; as an emotional response; as an artistic philosophy; or as a creative expression.

Chris has been blessed with the privilege of photographing some of Canada's most pristine and diverse wilderness complexes in all their wonderment and splendour. Doing this work has been an unfolding lifetime of adventure, exploration, and story-telling.

In the format you are about to share, these narratives are told through short image sequences of up to six images along with accompanying text. The story may be an outdoor adventure; a personal challenge or assignment; an exploration of a new expressive technique; or an in-depth study of an imaginary world.

You are invited to participate, and above all, to find joy and pleasure in doing so.