Visual Narrative #023-Lanzarote V-Market Days

VN #023: Lanzarote V
Posted May 03, 2024


Lanzarote V – Arts, Culture & Tourism

Market Days:

Market days make for a pleasurable and entertaining way to explore different towns. Local produce, art, handicrafts, and music, speak to the cultural nuances of each region and town.

While Rita explores the market, I often explore the town with my camera. In the afternoon, a snack with drinks brings our discoveries together.

 Teguise, the former capital of Lanzarote, is a charming town with a large sprawling market.

As it was the dash of red and not the clothing itself that caught my eye, I switched from documentary to a more expressive capture.

I often stood in one place and just waited for things to unfold. Before long, patterns of both predictable and unpredictable movement would begin to appear.


As exciting as photographing the human element is, I much prefer to seek architectural details. Rather than dealing with human movements and elements of chance (above), I much prefer still life subjects where my concentration is on arrangements of shape, line, colour, tonalities, and texture. It’s a wonderful feeling when a slight change of perspective creates a visual design of resonance.



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