The following portfolios represent an insight to some of Chris’ work. Additional images can be made available upon request.



All images in these portfolios, and in any of Chris’ book publications, newsletters, or Blog posts are available for purchase as photographic prints.

When you wish to own a print, please contact us directly so we can look after your questions personally.

Each image has a story and may come in different dimensions according to how Chris has expressed himself.

Images are printed by a master printer at a professional Colour Lab in Vancouver; inspected for quality by Chris, and documented before it leaves the Gallery.

Each is a Giclée print, printed on Fine Art Photo Rag paper.  With your print you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity and instructions for care.

Our pricing is $0.99 per square inch; so for any size simply calculate the sq. in. and multiply by .99.  (For example a 16 x 24 inch print is 384 sq. in. x .99 = $335.00 CDN plus taxes)

Recommended:  Photographic prints can be coated with an archival spray to protect it from UV and water damage. It also improves scratch resistance.  Pricing for prints including this treatment is $1.24 per square inch.

Pricing includes all shipping and handling within Canada; taxes are additional.