Studio Gallery

The Chris Harris Studio Gallery, a straw bale construction, is unique and world-class. Set amidst aspen trees and a bird-watching conservancy, it is well worth a visit as you travel through Cariboo Country.

The upper gallery is uniquely designed to showcase Chris’ fine art photographic prints and – NEW this year! – invites visitors to experience the region through stunning slide-sound sequences, featuring Chris’ imagery set to original musical settings.

The downstairs gallery features conventionally framed prints, canvas prints, unframed prints, books, and souvenirs.

The Gallery is available as an event venue for intimate gatherings. Contact us for details if you would like us to host your event.

“The gallery’s candlelit atmosphere and the way your photographs look, illuminated from within, has etched each print clearly in my mind.” — Kendra Smith, B.C. artist

Officially: Winter Hours: We are open by Chance or by Appointment. During October, please make your appointment bt email. Thank you.
Unofficially: We try and be here as often as possible, and one of us usually is. During October we ask that you make an appointment by email.
We would love to see you!  Just email or give us a call at (250) 791-6631.