Visual Narrative #022-Lanzarote IV-Beach Life

VN #022: Lanzarote IV
Posted April 30, 2024


Lanzarote IV – Arts, Culture & Tourism

 Beach Life:

Lanzarote has many attractions, but the island’s climate and beaches are the main draw for the vast majority of visitors. Along with natural black and golden sand beaches, there are also specially groomed tourist beaches where the sand has been imported from the Sahara Desert in Africa.

Rita and I often enjoy an hour or two at a beach, especially for a snack lunch or afternoon siesta, but we are not really beach people. We never visited the tourist beaches, but we certainly discovered some great ones; ones used primarily by hippies and surfers! These beaches had the largest waves which made them much more interesting from a photographer’s perspective!

Here are a few.

This long beach with its superb views of coastal cliffs and La Graciosa Island was a favourite for surfers.

Another beach near La Santa was my favourite for wave-watching. They just rolled in endlessly as we enjoyed a Rita-prepared snack with a bottle of wine!

There were a few hardy surfers here, but rocks made the sport challenging and a lot more dangerous.

There are two colours that Rita and I find mesmerizing; one is ‘Seafoam Green’ seen in a breaking wave, and the other is the ‘Ice-Blue’ of an iceberg which is revealed when the berg rolls over exposing pure ice that has not yet been exposed to air.

Not a good place to surf!

A day when surfer and photographer were enjoying life!


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