This video was part of a series of 1-minute BC Vignettes created for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.
Chris Harris was chosen as the British Columbia photographer to be highlighted.


The Chilcotin Ark is a phenomenon that could be the most significant story of the
21st century.

Renowned Canadian narrative photographer Chris Harris takes us on a visual adventure into the heart of British Columbia, set to original music by platinum producer Ken ‘hiwatt’ Marshall.

In the last quarter of the 20th century there were those who saw the coming destruction of the unaltered landscape of British Columbia, and took steps to try and divert it’s course.

British Columbia’s Chilcotin Plateau is a land of legend, tragedy, and heroism. This is the story of a heroic effort by two individuals who fulfilled a dream; to preserve a contiguous, intact wilderness complex that would protect wildlife habitat, and provide a blueprint of diversity for future generations.

They foresaw the need for such a blueprint decades before the phrases ‘climate change’ or ‘climate warming’ were in common usage.

Working behind the scenes, these individuals were able to negotiate their way to the creation of an area they dubbed ‘The Chilcotin Ark’; the largest and most diverse intact wilderness complex in the temperate world.

This is the story of that landscape as it is today, and the potential it holds for the human family in the future.

This documentary features 4 mini-films from the Chris Harris Photographic Journey project; Coast Mountain Foothills, Spirit in the Grass, Shield Volcanoes, and Memories of Ice.

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A personal story from renowned Canadian narrative photographer Chris Harris, as he shares his experience in the Cariboo Chilcotin during the most catastrophic fire season in British Columbia’s history. The story is accompanied by original music scored by platinum producer Ken ‘hiwatt’ Marshall.


This is a human story.
The wildfire summer of 2017 in British Columbia was a summer of stories; it was huge, and it was indiscriminate in its reach. No one was left untouched.
Photographer and chronicler Chris Harris traversed the land he has known intimately for four decades, turning his lens to telling the stories of friends and loved ones.
Then we step into an experience of change, renewal, and trauma, a place where we find inspiration, courage, and art.
These are the stories that touched and moved one photographer and led him to regeneration and creativity, and through him, thousands of others.
He is joined by composer Ken Marshall in a collaboration that gives a unique and heartening perspective to an event that is almost always seen as disastrous.

Together, photographer and composer find beauty where it is least expected.

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When Chris Harris launched a tour for his latest book, Cariboo Chilcotin Coast: A Photographer’s Journey, with a gala party, friend and fellow photography instructor, Dennis Ducklow, was chosen as the photographer to record the event. Dennis very kindly made this 5-minute slide show to give everyone a taste of the ‘evening of a lifetime’ for Chris and Rita.

A Photographer’s Journey from Double Exposure on Vimeo.

Interviewing Chris Harris, Professional Photographer

Chris Harris has been photographing the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast for over 35 years, and in that time has published 13 books about his love of photography and this part of British Columbia. He has used his images to tell stories of the region that words simply can’t – find out how he narrowly escaped an angry mother grizzly as well as many other tales, secrets, and stories of his time photographing the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast.

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