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  • Appreciating the Quality of Light

    Appreciating the Quality of Light Last week, friend Mike Duffy and I went for a walk in Centennial Park with our cameras. We thought we would make a few images before stopping for a Friday morning cup of coffee. As we approached the waterfall, we noticed the back-lit spray was silhouetting the foreground vegetation and […]

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  • Artistic Photography

    Artistic Photography Rainforest – a documentary view Whenever I go for a walk, as I did in the above rainforest, I see the world around me as it is. The world as it is, however, is not necessarily based on realism, it is also based on imagination. That’s the reason for enjoying the arts and […]

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  • Making it Art

    “Anything is an art if you do it at the level of an art.”  —  Richard Avedon   (photographer) I was walking through a ship yard filled with old boats of different sizes and different states of disrepair. Many were beyond repair. In many ways it was a marine junk yard. When I photograph, I eliminate […]