Visual Narrative #021- Lanzarote III – Cactus Gardens

VN #021: Lanzarote III
Posted April 22, 2024


Lanzarote III – Arts, Culture & Tourism

Cactus Gardens:

Cactus gardens are another example of how the visionary artist César Manrique influenced Lanzarote art, architecture, landscape planning, and tourism.

In this case, César chose an old deposit used as a landfill in an agricultural area of extensive cactus plantations dedicated to the cultivation of the cochineal insect used to create a red dye.

Twenty years in the making, elements such as volcanic stone and basaltic monoliths turned into sculptures all integrate with the environment.

This cactus garden is the last great work of César’s; a fascinating creation that houses about 4,500 specimens of cactus of about 500 species from five continents. The windmill at the top is one of the last millet mills still standing on the island.

The garden is filled with shapes, colours, and textures; a playground for any photographer.

Internationally awarded, the garden is considered one of the most important cactus gardens in the world.

I made this image for my friend Mike Duffy who practices Zen gardening……..

…..and I made this image for our friends Ewa and Voytek Foik who have created one of the worlds most amazing cactus gardens; can you believe it, here in the Cariboo! 

In other parts of Lanzarote, cactus gardens are each unique in their design; compositions abound.

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