Visual Narrative #010 – Road trip to Kamloops II

VN #010: Road Trip to Kamloops II
published December 7, 2023


A return trip to Kamloops

On a return trip to Kamloops, I followed through on my promise made last Friday (VN#009); I would bring my camera – and use it!

This is a great example of why photographers should never say, “been there, done that”! I made these 6 images along the same road, at the same time of day; the conditions, however, were entirely different.

With different atmospheric conditions, the light drew my attention to completely different subjects. The 5-hour trip seemed timeless; as if I was driving the route for the first time.

I wonder what’s in store on my next visual journey to Kamloops!


A freezing calcareous lake

Through the Cariboo grasslands

Beginnings of the South Thompson River

The South Thompson River

Colour below the grass

Winter approaching