Visual Narrative #009 Road trip to Kamloops

VN #009: Road Trip to Kamloops
published December 3, 2023


An Trip to Kamloops

Yesterday morning I unexpectedly found myself driving 200km to Kamloops; a trip through open grasslands interspersed with ranches, patches of forest, and a few lakes. It’s a trip Rita and I make several times a year, however, I rarely take my camera. On this trip I was determined to break out of my rut!

With an appointment to meet in Kamloops, I never stopped once to photograph on the way. On the way home, however, I had an hour before sunset, and I was determined.

As I conscientiously examined the passing landscape, I began to observe shapes of textured grass and sagebrush. Each time I pulled over onto the shoulder and made a few images, I became more and more excited. Why don’t I do this more often, I thought to myself? I promised I would!

I’d like to share 6 images I made before the sun began to wane.

Two shapes, three lines

Ranch mirage

Sage backdrop

Solitary raven

Trumpeter swan

Distant barn