Visual Narrative #011-Fraser River Ice-cakes

VN #011: Fraser River ice-cakes
Posted December 15, 2023


Fraser River Ice-cakes

Every year the Fraser River freezes differently. Depending on the previous week’s temperatures, the river will be either frozen or in breakup. Sometimes, fluctuations happen rapidly creating spectacular overflows of water over ice. The canyon landscape can change quickly and dramatically.

For years, several times a winter, I would drive to the Gang Ranch bridge overlooking the Fraser River to check for dramatic freeze overs. In February, 2005, I discovered ice formations along the shoreline which I had never seen before, nor have I since. I called them ice-cakes.

Fraser River and Gang Ranch bridge

In this photograph, the river is beautifully frozen after a sudden and severe cold snap. This no longer happens frequently.

Fraser River break-up

Our new normal has stretches of open water with ice-flows moving downstream.

Ice cakes

In February, 2005, this was the dramatic scene I discovered. Ice-cakes lined the shoreline.

The diversity of ice cakes formations.

Ice cakes

They were often over 12 inches tall.

Ice cake. Circular beauty

When photographed from a higher perspective, a circular beauty was revealed.


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