Visual Narrative #015 – Landscapes as ‘Window’ Abstracts

VN #015: Landscapes as ‘Window’ Abstracts

Posted January 28, 2024


Landscapes as ‘Window’ Abstracts

One day I was looking through an LL Bean catalogue when Rita asked me which plaid was my favourite pattern amongst the selection of flannel shirts. I considered them all, but one was definitely my favourite.

That got me thinking about patterns and why we prefer one over another. Does everyone of us have an innate pattern that is truly us, I thought?

On another day, while exploring photographic expression in the grasslands, I portrayed my viewscape as the pattern shown in Pattern I below. I called it a ‘window’ pattern.

I was hooked! From then on, I have been photographing window patterns from both landscapes and oceanscapes. The possibilities for capturing colour, texture, and form, as patterns is limitless; I’d like to share a few with you.

Pattern I

Pattern II

Pattern III

Pattern IV

                                                                     Pattern V

Pattern VI

I’m still awaiting the day when I capture my inherent pattern. When I do, I’m going to have my custom flannel shirt made for me. I can’t wait!


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