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  1. darrelbgiesbrecht says: Reply

    thank you for your inspiration Chris. Your passion never fails to give me a boost when I need it. d

  2. chris says: Reply

    Thank you Darrel. Nature gives us all a boost. Hoping all is well.

  3. Harvey Brink says: Reply

    Nice treat to see your fine work.

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thank you Harvey.

  4. Lynn Capling says: Reply

    I love the last two pictures in your latest news letter. Thank you for sharing ,

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thank you Lynn. I had fun shooting those!

  5. Dennis says: Reply

    Great newsletter as always Chris, with so much inspiration. The work of our students at Tallheo really was outstanding again this time. And I love how that single piling has become your friend, always showing a different face. And, I can’t believe it, another flat tire???

    1. chris says: Reply

      I totally agree Dennis; our student ‘s creative work was outstanding. Many people have commented on them. And yes, changing flat tires is part of my creative life!!

  6. Joan Loeken says: Reply

    Your work inspires me as I start 4 days of shooting in the eastern
    Sierras of California. Joan

    1. chris says: Reply

      Have a wonderful and creative 4 days Joan. Send me a few of your innovative creations…you always inspire me!

  7. Jeff McClellan says: Reply

    Great photos as usual Chris. Question regarding abstract. Do you consider abstracts to be all multiple exposure or intentional movement or any combination. Reason asked, you state the last two are not true abstracts. Glad you survived the summer. Would you come down and change my flat as a creative exercise. Keep inspiring us all.

    1. chris says: Reply

      Hi Jeff,
      I consider pure abstracts to have no resemblance to reality; one is not able to identify the subject matter. In the last two images one can probably surmise the subject matter is land and water. The third last image I consider to be a pure abstract. You cannot possibly guess what that subject was in reality. The method used to create the abstract has little to do with the definition as far as I am concerned. Hope that helps! Thank you for the question and interest. Chris

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