2 & 7-Day Workshops

2-Day Workshops

” Freedom of Expression”

A Workshop in Photography as Art



This 2-Day workshop is designed to take you on a journey toward photographic artistry.

With illustrated talks on art and photography, in-the-field art projects, and constructive evaluation sessions, you will discover new ways to interpret your most familiar landscapes and subject matter. By turning the vivid realities in front of you into new, unique, and never-before-seen realities, you will journey toward becoming a true artist.

“Since publishing my most recent book, where Representational or Documentary style images were created to provide a Sense of Place, my photography has taken me in new directions.  With the freedom of a creative artist, I now find the traditions of Expressionism and Abstraction exceptionally stimulating, inspiring and appealing”.

Representational photographs usually reveal a subject as special moments in time; often highlighted by dramatic lighting and or action.

Expressionist photographs also reveal the subject, but they are expressed in new non-traditional ways. They speak more about visual expression than about the subject.  I include styles of Impressionism in the broad tradition.

Abstract photographs are more mysterious. They begin with real subjects, but by freeing up the elements of visual design, one is able to deconstruct physical realities and reconstruct them as new and intriguing creative realities.

The techniques you will learn will free you to visualize the possibilities of each of these photographic styles.





You will begin to interpret your world with a new freedom of expression.


Afternoon walk along a forest trail.   Impressionist

Turning a landscape into expressive art

Montreal street scene. Impressionist

Turning a building interior into an architectural abstract

A walk on Mount Royal, Montreal.   Impressionist

A burnt sage bush in the grasslands.  Abstract


If you, as an individual or as a club, are interested in organizing a group of up to 12 participants (including the organizer for whom there is no charge) for this 2-day workshop, please contact Rita Giesbrecht at the office; 250-791-6631 or photography@chrisharris.com

As we often present spectacular audio-visual presentations,  I am able to bring this workshop to almost any location in Canada. A perfect combination for your club or organization could be both a presentation and workshop. We can discuss various options depending on your location and needs. One event can help support the other.

Call or email Rita to discuss details. We would love to hear from you.


“The Chris Harris Photo Workshop opened a whole new realm of photographic possibilities and opportunities. The MCC team learned firsthand that is was possible to accomplish a great deal more ‘in-camera’ than what they previously thought possible. The results obtained under Chris’ guidance were nothing short of remarkable.”  G.L. ; Montreal Camera Club – 2018.

“Chris has sparked my imagination in areas I never before considered. I embraced his challenge and pushed myself out of my comfort zone, even though the idea of Expressionist or Abstract photography has always been a mystery to me”.   G.L.; Montreal Camera Club – 2018

“I had an amazing time at your new Expressive workshop Chris. Thank you so much for coming here and for being such an enthusiastic and great instructor”.    M.S.;    Prince George Photographic Society -2018

Chris’ workshop was very inspirational and provided new methods to make creative imagery from the most unlikely subject matter”.    A.P.; Montreal Camera Club – 2018

“I am fortunate to have participated in the workshop with Chris. His approach to creating different and exciting art from mundane subject matter has rekindled and expanded my interest in art photography”.    D.T.;  Montreal Camera Club – 2018

“The in-camera artistic experience you’ve given us has inspired me to look at things around me as photographic opportunities and experiment a creative art form with confidence”.   S.R; Montreal Camera Club – 2018




7-Day Workshops

Develop Your Creative Vision  –  2019

abstract fine art, abstract, abstract expressionist, fine art,

Fish nets. Abstract

One-week intensive photographic workshops


Chris Harris & Dennis Ducklow

at three

world-class locations

Join professional photographers Chris Harris and Dennis Ducklow for one week in an extraordinary place. Your photography will grow to new levels as you learn new techniques, practice with inspiration, receive individual feedback, and challenge yourself in new ways.

Everything you need to know about the workshop is on the Develop Your Creative Vision website. Have a look!


A few images from the Tallheo Cannery workshop:  

Canada, British Columbia, Tallheo Cannery, BC central coast,

Where photographer and light meet.   Tallheo Cannery

Canada, British Columbia, Tallheo Cannery, BC central coast,

Cannery Creek Canyon

British Columbia, Canada,

Tallheo Cannery
Canada, British Columbia, Bella Coola, Tallheo Cannery, abandonned salmon cannery, central coast,
                                                    Old cannery remnant.


Rainforest. Impressionist

abstract fine art, abstract, abstract expressionist, fine art,

The cannery ‘loft’.   Abstract.


A few images from the Barkerville workshop:   

Preparing for work in early morning light. Representational.

Stage coach on Main Street. Impressionist. 

Solitude. Expressionist documentary

Still life. Chinatown.

A gold miners narrative. Double exposure

Main Street. Impressionist

A few images from the Gabriola Island workshop:    

Arbutus tree near our residence
Arbutus tree. Abstract
Gabriola Island country road.  Impressionist
An evening shoot along the  seashore
Along the beach.  Abstract
Sandstone composition.  Minimalist
Orca whales swim past our workshop residence
An evening shoot along the shore

To Register visit the website Develop Your Creative Vision


For general information you may contact either Dennis at dennis@doubleexposure.ca or Chris at photography2@chrisharris.com