• Cariboo
  • The Story Behind the Image

    High above the mid-Fraser River Canyon between Clinton and Williams Lake to the north, there is a spectacular back-country road which winds it way, often precariously, through the Cariboo Chilcotin grassland canyonlands.  I have traveled this road often over the years while searching for beautiful grassland compositions. One of the sights I often see are the dead vehicles […]

  • Chilcotin Ark
  • The Story Behind the Image

    How Ancient is this Piece of Wood? I was exploring a new Canadian landscape at the foothills of the Coast Mountains; one which was being revealed for the very first time by the retreating Fyles Glacier. As I roamed with my camera, marveling at new soils and first generation vegetation, I came across this small […]

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  • CD Release Barn Party!

    Only in the Cariboo is a new CD released in a hay barn! Last night Stan Provost, Curtis Lueke, and Sheldon Caverly, released their very first CD “Stolen Signs” in Gus Horn’s hay barn. What a fantastic evening! Outside was a spectacular electrical lightning storm with thundering sound effects, but nature couldn’t compete with the electrical storm […]

  • Peace River Valley
  • Paddle for the Peace

    Paddle for the Peace Paddle for the Peace was a day to celebrate the Peace River. People came from distant countries to join in the protest against BC Hydro’s Site-C dam. My partner Rita Giesbrecht, prospective candidate for the provincial Green Party, and I also went north to paddle the Peace to see the country, […]

  • Cariboo
  • An Inspiring Four Weeks of Workshops

    It’s been a wonderfully inspiring four weeks of photography. I have given three 3-day workshops here at the Gallery and I presented a talk on Narrative Photography at the Canadian Assoc. of Photographic Art in Vancouver. I have been inspired by beginners and professionals alike; hopefully I too have inspired others. Next, Rita and I […]

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