45 Replies to “Chris Harris Photography Newsletter #183, August, 2020”

  1. Thank you Chris. Love your images, especially of Rita’s garden.

    1. Thank you kindly. The garden excites me.

  2. ~You never fail to inspire Me……hope I can reveal my ‘Arbutus trees in a ‘like fashonnnn !
    -Cheer’s Og’s

    1. chrisharrisphotos says: Reply

      Good luck with the Arbutus trees Oggie. Try climbing to the top of each one!! A fresh perspective!

    2. Lawrence ogden says: Reply

      Good idea….- and being a ‘grip (Monkey with thumbs) … I’ll find my way Uppppp !!

  3. Excellant newsletter Chris. I really think you have expressed yourself and your artistic vision even more in this newsletter! I really enjoyed the images, in particular the Group of Seven colour image, and the twilight images…very powerful compositions. Thanks for a great read.

    1. chrisharrisphotos says: Reply

      Your sincerity about each newsletter is appreciated. Good luck with your new career as a pro photographer!! Chris

  4. Pushes my 86 y.o. brain into overdrive! Thank you, I am your Cariboo & Chilcotin adorer!

    1. chrisharrisphotos says: Reply

      Thanks…great to have a local 86 y.o. local ‘adorer’!!

  5. wow….those forest shots are something! you’re clearly “out” of your mind!! dave

    1. I LOVE your complement “out of my mind”!!! I am and loving it!! I hope to see you on the 14th when we pass through Wells. I am celebrating my 80th by going around the Lakes once again!! See you soon. Chris

  6. Chris,
    I love your new direction into abstract & impressionist photography. Your evocative images inspire and delight me.
    Harrisburg, Oregon (currently)

    1. Hi Julian. Delighted to hear you are appreciating my journey into Expressionism and Abstraction. I find it inspiring as well! Cheers for now.

  7. Chris, I’m impressed how you manage to create artistic images out of photographs. If these same images were actual paintings they would be heralded as expressionist art and probably have more monetary value. Do you agree? I remember living on Block Drive in a beautiful log home overlooking Walker Valley. Occasionally I would walk down to the valley floor and photograph the birch and poplar trees.
    I just pulled out my old photo album and with my iPhone, snapped a few of the photos, which i would like to email to you. Is this your email address? photography@chrisharris.com.
    They are not of high quality but they give you an impression of the beauty of Walker Valley, summer & winter. I’m sure you have photographed the area many times yourself?
    I hope to visit in early September, so hope to give you a call?
    Kind regards,
    Terry Young

    1. Thank you Terry. This newsletter response got lost in spam, but I will get in touch with you regarding your visit back to the Cariboo. I photograph with painting very much in mind. I have family members who are painters so I try to photograph with paint brushes!! I agree, they would probably have greater monetary value if they were paintings. I’ll try and change that!! See you soon.

  8. brianlynch731 says: Reply

    Fabulous, Chris. Can you explain how you did this technically?

    1. Hi Brian. Amazing how images from our garden enters your world in Ireland! I’ll write you personally! Best wishes.

  9. For me, most of my photography is done in my own back yard … and partly due to you “Freedom of Expression” makes me feel so good! Thank you for all the wonderfully inspiring workshops you have given and I hope to do many more. Take care my friend.

    1. Hi Larry. Every month gets more exciting!! I missed not laughing with you at a workshop this year…hopefully next year. Take care Larry.

  10. Hi Chris, lovely work, especially the Group of Seven. Cheers!

    1. Thanks Sue. It was great to see you here at the Gallery! Take care….Chris

  11. Always look forward to receiving that email linking to the newsletter. You thoughts and images continue to inspire. Thank you.

  12. Adbhuta Ananda says: Reply

    Awesome compositions from your home surroundings. Feels like you are seeing them through the 3rd eye with a soft vision. Thanks for sharing your expressive art with your camera.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts from the north Adbhuta.

  13. Love the twilight and night images!

  14. Your house and property with all the flowers reminds me of Freeman Patterson’s house on the hill, with all the flowers going up the lane.

    1. That’s a complement; Freeman has a beautiful garden. Thanks!

  15. Thanks Bill. Hope to visit your Studio soon. We are going to paddle the Lakes again on the 15th. Hope to see you maybe on the 14th. Cheers.

  16. Helen MacIsaac says: Reply

    As you know, your photos take my breath away. This series really touched me-i have never seen photography like it. Take care my friend-from far away Coquitlam. Cheers Helen

  17. Chris: Your creativity knows no bounds. Each time I view your images my body responds with a great big “YES”. I can’t wait until the borders open so I can take more of your workshops. Joan

    1. Hi Joan. Thanks for you comment as always. I too can’t wait to share another workshop with you as well. Wishing you the best in health. Chris

  18. Hello Chris, I have been enjoying your work for decades now and can’t believe it’s been that long!! I have so many happy memories of canoeing the Bowron Lakes with you back in the early 1980s. That trip was a stepping stone to so many more wilderness adventures. As for photography, I love taking pictures of trees, specifically different parts of trees, close up. Thanks for this wonderful display of art and photography.

    1. Hello Barb. How wonderful to hear that you still receive my Newsletter after so many years. Yes, I remember that canoe adventure; those were great times! Thanks for getting in touch and continue to enjoy your photography…and life!

  19. Sally R Towers says: Reply

    Nice work Chris. Interesting artistic approach to be creative with color.

    Sally Towers/Young

    1. Hello Sally,
      How wonderful to hear from you. It’s been many years. Glad you still receive my newsletters…hoping all is well. Cheers. Chris

  20. Jane O'Malley says: Reply

    Hi Chris, your abstract images were amazing. I particularly like ‘Expression of severe lightning strike’.
    Also like your new idea of ‘portfolios’
    This is my second attempt to send a comment!

    1. Hi Jane. Glad you liked the abstracts and the portfolios! I knew you would like the abstracts!! Tony would have too.

  21. Valerie R Hensley says: Reply

    too great for me. I’m overwhelmed… as usual. the B&W was amazing. I’m trying to not throw away my Sony gear. I/we need a spokesperson to get multilpe image softwear!

    1. Great to see you at the Gallery this month!!

  22. Daniel Zaremba says: Reply

    I always enjoy your work! Keep it coming.

    1. I hope to!! Thanks.

  23. Your descriptive Newsletters, filled with images that transmit your deepest heart connection to nature are always touching my heart. It is a delight and inspiration! Thank you, Chris

    1. Thank you so much Sataya. Great to hear from you; hoping you are well. Chris

  24. Hello Chris:

    So wonderful to see your beautiful work. I usually to a look a couple times a year! Thought I would leave a message this time. All the best!!!

    Bob Herger
    Email: marinersmail@gmail.com
    Cell: 604 240-4113

    1. Hi Bob. Good to hear from you; thanks for staying in touch. I’ve often wondered if you were still around!! I hope you are doing well. Are you still clicking that camera of yours??

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