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  1. Such a deeply moving experience to read your account and see your images from this, your latest in120+ trips. I love your words: “my journeys around the Lakes have become spiritual adventures” and “Over time, they lower, allowing me to touch each one before they die. Our relationship deepens and I pay my respects.”

    Thank you for taking us along on a profound journey.

    1. I know your words come from deep within Dennis; they are genuinely appreciated.

  2. A wonderful collection of memories. Cheers.

    1. Appreciated; thanks Phil.

  3. love the night shot especially Chris…………..

    1. Always good to know you are travelling with me Darrel. Thanks.

  4. Excellent! Thanks for sharing…

    1. Thank you.

  5. Chris, I am reveling in the visual and written experience of your 50th anniversary trip. I love your description of your relationship with individual trees, greeting old friends, honoring the close of their life cycles… Profound it is. To know you, and to appreciate how you see the world, has enriched my life. For that, I must thank you. Brilliant newsletter!

    1. Thank you for paddling with me Brenda. I have many tree friends around the circuit, each with a different story. It was enriching to reconnect.

  6. Chris, I am enjoying reading your stories.

    1. Thanks Barb. I remember our trip of many years ago!

  7. Valerie Rampone says: Reply

    Thanks for the cyber journey, Chris

  8. Sage Birchwater says: Reply

    Thanks once again Chris…gifting us with your sense of mystery

    1. It has been enriching to work with you over the years Sage. Inspirational in many different ways. Thanks.

  9. Hi Chris, years ago I took a photography course from you at UNBC in Prince George; it was before digital and I had been so busy with college and then work that I had not made time for photography for years, so I took your photo course to try to regain inspiration. Within in 10 minutes of listening to you, I felt a renewed energy for photography 🙂 . I’ve followed your newsletter for years and have been a fan of your work for a long time. My husband and I di the Bowron Lakes in 1998 with individual kayaks, it was a trip that we really enjoyed. We have a signed copy of your Bowron lakes book to remember that trip plus a lot of images that I took. I enjoyed your blog on your memories of Bowron lakes and amazed at how many times that you did that trip.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, experiences, and memories. Photography can enrich ones life in so many ways; I feel honoured to have been a part of your visual journey.

  10. Chris, what a wonderful way to start my day, being guided through this incredible beautiful landscape by your
    amazing pictures. I am thankful for every newsletter created by you, making me even more aware about the natural wonders surrounding us. Keep up the good work

    1. Rainer, I am always inspired by your deep connection with your land, the food you raise there, and your spirit in sharing that connection. You are special….

  11. Sigridh Kiersch says: Reply

    You have enriched my life with your ongoing invitation to be at one with nature through the sound of silence…

    1. I feel your spirit in your words. Thanks Sigridh.

  12. Fred Nenninger says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing this adventure Chris. I’ve only done the circuit once (with Pathways a few years ago) and your images and words brought back that spiritual feeling one gets on that circuit – especially in that marsh.

    1. Thanks Fred. Happy to hear you have enjoyed the marsh at sunrise.

  13. I did this canoe trip with a group of Boy Scouts in the BC Centennial year 1967. I was the Scout Master and several dads joined us to assist. As a group we had constructed a number of canoes ourselves using a wax ‘casting’ from a canoe, fiberglass ‘woven rovin’ and a finish coat. We even made the yokes for portaging and the seats. Long oak strips constituted the gunwales and small triangles were made from fiberglass to finish our bows and sterns. A few made their own paddles. Alas, photographs from that week-long trip are lost.
    The trails back then were primitive as the adventure was not well known. We also were treated to views of Eagles, moose and many species of ducks. I managed to catch a 10 lb (est.) lake trout which was cooked in tin-foil under hot embers for about an hour!
    Chris, thank you for helping me remember this epic trip!

    1. Those were the days Karl! I remember well what the portage trails were like! Happy to hear the Newsletter brought back those happy memories. Chris

  14. Thank you Chris for the opportunity to feel the quiet stillness of moving through the still waters of the marsh and the surreal sense of moving into and through the fog into the unknown, a strong parallel to what we are heading into globally with a trust that the fog will lift and the sun will always be there in its brilliance of diamond light rays.

    1. The mist will rise and I know you too will be there to see the diamond light rays. Thanks Adbhuta

  15. Your photos brought back memories – quite a few years ago I did the Bowron Lake circuit. The most spectacular place I have ever paddled – magical.

    1. Magical it is! Glad you enjoyed the memories.

  16. Valerie R Hensley says: Reply

    Thank for this calming experience.

    1. Thank you Valerie

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