59 Replies to “Chris Harris Photography Newsletter #182, July, 2020”

  1. Nice post Chris, great images and I loved the story rich in details! That is an amazing part of BC indeed!

    1. Indeed, an area of BC steeped in history; a part of who we are.

  2. Allistair Ball says: Reply

    Some beautiful scenery captured and shared. Thank you

    1. Thanks Allistair!

  3. Great trip report, Chris! I always enjoy that drive too, and as always, you’ve captured the scenery so well – along with some history. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Jim. Always great to hear from you. As you well know, it’s a wonderful place to visit…or live! Take care.

  4. John Baxter says: Reply

    Well done, Chris! I really enjoyed this trip with you and Rita if only in pictures. I found it not only interesting but I love the photography! Keep well mon ami

    1. Glad you could join us John. Our journey together began some 65 years ago; I’m so happy we are still travelling together. Chris

      1. John Baxter says: Reply

        65 years is correct but hard to believe we are that old! You are looking great and glad to see you so active! I will send you an email in the next week or so. Love to you and Rita!😀👍

  5. Sigridh Kiersch says: Reply

    Thank you for allowing us to participate in your one-day journey through this remarkable landscape. Beautiful photography, as always.

    1. Happy to share our journey Sigridh!

  6. Trudy Vanoosten says: Reply

    Amazing pics! I have travelled that route a few times as my daughter and husband have a cabin at 70 mile. Green lake. Thanks

    1. Happy to hear you enjoyed the circle-tour! So many people are connected to the Cariboo…and with good reason! A wonderful place visit or live. Thanks.

  7. Adbhuta Ananda says: Reply

    Hi Chris. Thanks for the visual memories of driving through the Fraser and Thompson
    Canyons. Stunning landscape and courageous train drivers.

    1. It’s a trip we have made many times…happy to share it with you Adbhuta.

  8. Diane Grantham says: Reply

    Hi, Chris and Rita. Great idea for a day trip. Absolutely loved all the pictures. Rafting is also a great way to see the landscape from a different angle. We are so fortunate to have all this beautiful country.

    1. Ineed, we are fortunate. Thank you for commenting!

  9. Great road trip, Chris and Rita! My neighbor has the BC Rail: British Columbia’s Great Train book you spoke of. He was a railroad engineer in his early years and greatly enjoyed your book. I too enjoyed it and would like to find a copy for myself.

    1. I’m afraid that book has long sold out but keep an eye in Second-hand book stores. They appear from time to time. I’ll do a Newsletter on that rail journey one of these days…stay tuned!

  10. Thank you Chris! Wonderful images bringing back so many happy memories of the area. Thanks to my involvement with the Great Cariboo Ride I got to explore many areas around the Fraser and also visited Lillooet a number of times.

    1. Happy to activate old memories! It’s such a wonderful place to travel through and explore. Thanks.

  11. Thanks for taking us all on a tour!

    1. Thanks for joining us!! Hoping all is well in Italy! Chris

  12. I really enjoyed the photos from your trip in our beautiful country. We don’t have to travel far to appreciate the amazing landscape of British Columbia.

    1. So true. Happy travels!

  13. that was fun Chris………..good eyes!!

    1. It was fun………beautiful country……hard to make a poor image even with your eyes closed!!

  14. GORD FULTON says: Reply

    One of the most enjoyable of your newsletters in a while

    1. Thanks Gord. Glad you enjoyed it.

  15. Buzz Denroche says: Reply

    Wonderful images of a wonderful province. My vote…Chris Harris for Tourism minister….
    Thanks Chris, for showcasing our incredible province with breath taking photography…again

    1. Only if you are my deputy minister!!!! Together we would create a BUZZ for sure!!!

  16. Sage Birchwater says: Reply

    Really love this Chris and Rita. Wonderful circle tour…one of my favourites. Ironically I’m just working on a piece about my first trip up Route 12 from Lytton to Lillooet nearly 50 years ago. Nice to know about athat nifty eating experience at Fort Berens.

  17. Valerie R Hensley says: Reply

    Thanks for the tour. Looking forward to seeing it in person someday.

    1. Be sure to drop in to our Gallery on the way through!!! Thanks.

  18. Always great to hear from you Sage. Hopefully we meet soon.

  19. Caroline Penn says: Reply

    Thanks as always for your beautiful images of our BC landscape….We travelled to the Chilcotin last summer en route to a week’s camp in the Niut range and your road trip brings back good memories. It was my first connection with the Chilcotin, where my great gr.father ranched (near Riske Creek) at the turn of the century.

    1. Happy to hear you made it out to the Chilcotin; especially the Niut Range…spectacular! I love it there.

  20. Heather Fink says: Reply

    Many years ago, I took the train from North Vancouver to 100 Mile House … loved it!

    1. That was an amazing journey. Maybe I’ll do a Newsletter on that trip too!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. Helen MacIsaac says: Reply

    What amazing photos! Just loved them! Thank you so much ! Cheers Helen

    1. Thank YOU Helen!

  22. Vicki Nelson says: Reply

    Thank you so much for that wonderful trip in pictures and words. It has long been a favourite of mine, Years ago my husband & I would take that route as a change when we were heading to points south – the scenery hasn’t changed – I could relate to all your pictures – even the wildlife!! I haven’t travelled over the past 3 years because I’ve had to have 3 bouts of hip surgery (just recovering from the 3rd – same hip), plus losing my husband in 2017, & he was my travelling soul-mate. I hope after I recover this time (& the girl who removed my staples said she though I was one tough lady – not to mention I’m 80) I’ll be able to talk my son & his wife into taking me out over that route again. Fortunately they like driving the backroads like Jack & I used to! Again, thank you for the trip. I loved it.

    1. That’s wonderful that these images brought back so many great memories for you. I hope you are able to do it again with your son. All the best.

  23. Jane O'Malley says: Reply

    Hi Chris, The landscape along the train routes is totally spectacular, and terrifying at same time. I certainly wouldn’t have nerve to be a passenger!
    Amazing work for one day!!

    1. Yes, a little different from a train ride (or car ride) through Ireland!! Congratulations to you too Jane on the Grand Opening of the O’Malley Wing of the new Butler Gallery in Kilkenny. You are an inspiration! Chris

  24. Lawrence (Oggie) Ogden says: Reply

    … had the ‘privilege of attending your 2 day workshop (July 4-5) and now understand you’re ‘blessing of a magical vision and eye….I learnt so much and continue to ‘press on with my ‘illusions and choreography! ~-Thanks so much again to You and Rita….’Oggie

    1. It was wonderful to meet you Oggie and share creative vision. Thanks again.

  25. Dr. Inge Henderson says: Reply

    Your photos took on a whole new meaning this year, Chris, when closed borders prevented us from traveling to BC as we have done annually for several decades. They are a much appreciated reminder why we love this part of the country so very much. Thanks. Inge

    1. How wonderful to hear from you Inge, and that you still receive my Newsletters! I am going to take another trip around the Bowron Lakes this fall; my 121st I believe!! I’ll say hi to them for you. I well remember the campsite where we met and shared conversations about Russia etc. It will be a grand way to celebrate 80 yeras on this wonderful planet!! Love to you both. Chris

  26. Cris Campbell says: Reply

    So great to see the gorgeous landscape we left behind a decade ago. Miss it so much, Ontario is a lovely province, but nooooooo comparison to B.C. We do get back to visit though….but not enough! Great photos!

    1. Hi Cris. I’ll never regret moving west 50 years ago yet I still enjoy my trips back east…great country!

  27. Hello Folks, Chris, you absolutely have your own brand, still incomparable! Wondrous work of photo-Art…as always! Thank-you for inspiring the true qualities of a photographer!

  28. Barb Liotscos says: Reply

    I enjoyed very much everything you brought to my attention on your circle drive. Thank you for sharing the day, the light, the incredible land we live in.

    1. Thanks Barb. I think I want to do it again!!

  29. chrisharrisphotos says: Reply

    Thanks Lise. Always enjoying the journey!

  30. Beautiful photos – thanks for sharing your day tour. I have traveled the same route, spectacular scenery.

    1. Thanks for joining the trip Janet!

  31. Hello Chris !
    Great trip from my office chair.
    As always inspired by the rugged beauty of our province.
    Trudi Luethy,
    Lions Bay, B.C.

    1. Good for you Trudi. That’s making great use of your office chair!

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