Visual Narrative #007 – Niut – Part 4 of 4


VN#007: Part 4 of 4

A Photographic Adventure to the Niut Mountains

Revealed by Shadows

Each day we are blessed with twenty-four hours of light, and each day that light is distinctively different. During my 4-day Niut adventure, that gave me 96 hours; each filled with photographic possibilities. I gave it my all.

After my evening meal, feeling recharged, I would study the landscape around me, visualizing how shadows and light would reveal new shapes.

With each passing hour, new visual elements would appear while familiar ones would vanish. To capture this ever-changing display of light values, my knowledge of craft and artistic expression would be continuously challenged.

My evenings became a study of shape and form; light and shadow. Divisions of space, and an overall sense of balance became elements of great importance.

As tonal and colour contrast intensified, I moved gradually toward abstraction.

The beauty of the night.

Less than 100 years ago, everyone could look up and see a spectacular night sky. Today, due to light pollution, the majority of people living on the planet will never experience star light or the Milky Way. For more information about light pollution and Dark Sky Reserves in Canada and around the world, visit the International Dark-Sky Association.


Reflecting back on my Niut Mountains adventure:

I have shared 18 images which I made within a kilometer of my tent; the tiny turquoise tarns were 50 metres away, and the stars were 1,000’s of light years away. The four days were filled with wonder.

Because a camera points in opposite directions, each image speaks to how I felt in a given  moment, and how I responded being where I was in the Niut Mountains. I was capturing both the spirit of the place and the spirit of who I am.

I will never forget my photographic adventure in the Niut Mountains and those who shared the experience with me. Through photography, I feel honoured to share my sense of place, and my sense of topophilia, with others.