14 Replies to “Chris Harris Photography Newsletter #201, October, 2022”

  1. Chris, reading this newsletter and seeing the images you chose to represent the work of this inaugural Vieux Montreal workshop’s participants has motivated me to return next year! It was such a rich learning experience in the company of two very inspiring mentors, and a wonderful group of learners.

    1. Donna, your work is inspirational; it’s always a pleasure to have you join us. Chris

  2. I sure hope to get the opportunity to go in 2023…a dream to visit old Montreal and be part of the creative expressive experience. If not, then hoping for Bella Coola. Still learning off the short weekend workshop from 2021 which was amazing. Can be found on Instagram under carol_how

    1. Hi Carol. We would certainly love to have you join us; it’s such an exciting medium to be expressive. I’m not on Instagram but I’m sure I can get in and look at your art. Thanks. Chris

  3. Thanks for sharing Chris. Speaking of which, great to see the continued opportunity you have to share your knowledge with others. I really enjoyed the deciduous photo series, beautiful work!

    1. Hi Chris. Great to hear from you. Having come from the East originally, those deciduous trees are special to me. Chris

  4. Dear Chris. You must be so proud to see the work of your students. The progression of their work and your body of work over the years pushes those of us who couldn’t be there to search more deeply into who we are as visual artists. Do keep it up! Love, David

    1. I am indeed proud of all our participants work, David. I have copies of all 16 workshop books and the creativity displayed is amazing. As you say, it evolves every year due to everyone’s creative spirit. Thanks David; we think of you. Chris

  5. Thank you for sharing, your images are always an ispiration to me. You have parted your knowledge to so many, and it must be so rewarding to view their images and know that you have been a part of the project.

    Warm regards,

    1. Hi Asha. It is indeed an honour to teach photography, especially as the means of expression I have found it to be. I find it gratifying that others are willing to take risks in order to see the world in new ways. Chris

  6. Gorgeous images that inspire me to get out and see what beauty I can express in my own city, since I couldn’t be at the workshop in Montreal! Hopefully next year… Thank you for continuing to light the fire of creativity and vision, Chris!

    1. Hi Avril. I just found your comment in my spam folder; sure glad I found it as you are always someone special to hear from. The flame of creativity never goes out! Take care. Chris

  7. Diane Grantham says: Reply

    So nice that you and Rita both got to enjoy Montreal for an extended period. I hope to visit there one day as well.

    1. Thank you Diane. Such a wonderful visit!

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