10 Replies to “Chris Harris Photography Newsletter #202, December, 2022”

  1. Thanks Chris for sharing your images and thoughts. I enjoyed your images of the unusual lakes south-west of us. Will get back there for another point of view!

    1. Yes Lynda, you have some great calcareous lakes your way. You better get out there!! Chris

  2. Those lakes are fantastic. I hope you do a show. I will come. Spirit lakes, all. Best, Harold

    1. Great to hear from you Harold. I’ll let you know for sure; another presentation night!! And, keep your amazing blog posts coming! Chris

  3. I remember those times well Chris, and its great to see more of the images from those flights.
    I think we should go back up next summer for more, and possibly see if/how things have changed in the intervening years.
    Great fun!

    1. Great fun it was Rick. It would be great to see how they look now…maybe they are better than ever!! Let’s talk in the spring. Thanks. Chris

      1. Its a plan!

  4. Valérie Hensley says: Reply

    Marvelous images from the air and art in my town. Thank you!
    Now I really need a drone! Oh no, more tech!

    1. You’d have to fly your drone pretty high to get a good look down on Montreal! One day when I was out photographing in Old Montreal I saw a flock of Sandhill Cranes flying directly over the city. They certainly never needed a drone!! Joyeux Noel! Chris

  5. Nice work Chris, those aerial abstracts are very beautiful and creative! They are so full of interesting patterns, shapes, and tones.

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