28 Replies to “Chris Harris Photography Newsletter #200, August, 2022”

  1. Outstanding images in the video! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Ernie. They pieced them together well with the lyrics.

  2. Valérie Hensley says: Reply

    A wonderful, eloquent tribute to those who influenced you on your journey. I have been blessed by your image making, teaching and enthusiasm. Thank you to You and Freeman, two pillars in photographic expression.

    1. Valérie, I appreciate your comments and enthusiasm as well. Merci!

  3. Lennart Wärje says: Reply

    Keep on the good work, Chris! Looking forward to more newsletters!

    Regards from Sweden,

    Lennart W

    1. Wow…all the way from Sweden! Great to hear from you Lennart; much appreciated. Thank you. Chris

  4. Such a rich legacy of relationships you enjoy, Chris. I too feel blessed by working with you and being mentored by you. The blessing is multiplied.

    1. The mentorship is rotating in a circle; let’s continue the journey! Thanks Dennis. Chris

  5. Jane O'Malley says: Reply

    A wonderful recap of photographic memories. The best, of course, is the simple composition of the icebergs, (6th one). It is simple outstanding – the best!
    congratsts. Janie

    1. Thank you Jane for sharing your many talents. You have been an inspiration! Chris

  6. Buzz Denroche says: Reply

    Chris…an amazing and highly personal legacy story. You and Dennis originally fired my passion for photography which has transmogrified mostly to wildlife. As I embarc this week on a 12 day Yukon loop to hopefully catch grizzlies ( and anything else)preparing to hibernate, I will bring both of you men in my thoughts.
    Every time I peer through a lens you guys are with me.
    Thanks for kickstarting my passion.
    Cheers and keep discovering!!!!

    1. I, and I am sure Dennis as well, will join you with the grizzlies! Have fun my friend! Chris

  7. WOW seems like only a few years ago I was saying congrats on you 100th. look forward to seeing this email every month.

    Daryl Wilson – Ruth Lake

    1. Thank you from Ruth Lake Daryl. I hope all is going well with France and yourself. Cheers. Chris

  8. Dear Chris. I appreciate your ability to speak from the heart with words as well as imagery. And also your acknowledgment of your partner Rita. Partners are pivotal in maintaining each others true path.
    Love, David

    1. Hi David. Thank you for sharing your feelings as well. Rita, as you know, has played a huge role. Best wishes to Lois. Cheers. Chris

  9. Wow. What an absolutely beautiful newsletter Chris. Congratulations on 200 of them!!!

    1. Great to hear from you Pat. Thank you. Chris

  10. A interesting newsletter Chris that showcases the mentorships you’ve had through the years, an enjoyable read! I as well have been fortunate to have received your mentorship in the photographic arts. That mentorship has had a significant positive impact on my photography that continues to ripple through my photographic journeys! It is remarkable to think how many people you have supported in their personal and artistic growth!

    1. I’ve been honoured to be a part of your artistic journey Chris. You have done extremely well and have no doubt influenced many others. Thanks. Chris

  11. Brenda Jenkins says: Reply

    Chris: I am gobsmacked… nearly literally speechless. This is an epic newsletter! It is a tribute to the fine quality of character grown, nurtured and multiplied on this planet by you, and those before you, and those after you as well. I love your story told through the lens of mentorship. I raise my glass to you and to Rita — may you two thrive in each coming adventure. We are blessed to have you in our world.

    1. As always, your thoughtful comments are much appreciated. We are both blessed as I know you and Jack are. Thank you. Chris

  12. I canoed the Bowron Lakes with you in around 1984. I was 24 and the other participants were a lot older – they were the parents of your Quest students, I believe. I remember paddling with 80 yr old Colin(?) and thinking how amazing he was. That trip was an experience of a lifetime and it led me to do many more amazing backcountry trips in all of BC’s beautiful seasons. My mother in her early 70s went on a magnificent Mt. Robson hike with you in the mid 90s and absolutely loved your expertise in guiding – for being the knowledgeable and interesting outdoorsman that you are. Thanks for everything Chris – I am so enjoying keeping in touch this way, through your newsletter. I cherish the large print I have of the bobcat swimming across one of the Bowron Lakes chain. It was a photo you took, if you recall. Barb Lepsoe

    1. Barb, seeing your name come across my screen was AMAZING! I remember you on my Bowron Lake trip, I remember making that photograph of the lynx, and I remember your mother on my Mount Robson hike; all amazing memories. The fact that you have stayed in touch for almost 40 years is also amazing. It’s an inspiration to never stop writing my Newsletters. They’ll only stop when I stop!! Thank you for getting in touch; much appreciated. If you ever pass through the Cariboo, please drop in to visit at the Gallery. Cheers. Chris

      1. barblepsoe@yahoo.ca says: Reply

        Chris, I love keeping in touch in one way or another with those who have made a positive impression in my life!! Will definitely stop in if ever up that way!! Take care.

        1. Hi Barbara; a wonderful voice from the past. Please do drop in if you ever pass through the Cariboo. It would be a blast to reminisce! Chris

  13. Chris,
    One of the great honours of my life has been knowing you as a friend for 65 years. I am in awe at all you accomplished and you did it all with quiet dignity, positive thinking and that wonderful welcoming smile!
    You are truly Blessed and we are Blessed knowing you!
    Keep well mon ami!

    1. Hi John. I just found your comment in my spam folder! Thanks for your very kind words. You too have been in my memory ever since. I remember you in high school as my best friend; ‘farmer John’ I remember calling you. You loved driving that tractor!!
      65 years of staying in touch…amazing! You take care too mon ami. More years ahead!! Chris

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