37 Replies to “Chris Harris Photography Newsletter #199, June, 2022”

  1. Joy Ruffeski says: Reply

    Inspirational – as always. Thanks so much Chris for sharing your understanding or creative expression with others.

    1. Thanks Joy!!

  2. Paddy Ducklow says: Reply

    I find myself wondering both how did you do this and how can something be so beautiful. Thanks.

    1. What a beautiful world – wherever we are. Great to hear from you Paddy. Chris

  3. Awesome work!

    1. Thank you!

  4. Valérie Hensley says: Reply

    Thank you for a little symphony of pilings. So many chord changes and movements! Love it.

    1. Playing amidst them is so peaceful. Great to hear from you Valérie! Chris

  5. Jean-Marc Legentil says: Reply

    Tallheo Cannery : the Piling are so poetic!

    1. I love them!! Great friends. Chris

    2. Photography poetry…wow…such fun! Chris

  6. …love the ‘waterways Natural choreography!

    1. Glad to enjoyed the choreography Oggie! Chris

  7. Joanne O’Dwyer says: Reply

    Fab work as always Chris. Joanne

    1. Hoping all is well in Ireland! Hi to Michael! Chris

  8. Thank you, Chris… your newsletter images and commentaries are always such a welcome treat!!

    1. Great to hear from you Ron. Hoping all is well. Chris

  9. Chris Leach says: Reply

    Beautiful images that show what is possible. Thanks, Chris

    1. Thanks Chris. Dennis tells me you are doing wonderful work with your photography. Congrats!! Chris

  10. Beautiful images Chris. The Canoe Moonscape remind me of a Roy Vickers painting.

    1. Hi Phil. Yes, I get the Roy Vickers comparison. I love his work. Take care. Chris

  11. Hi im Marina,I loved all the pictures specially those with reflections and beautiful colors, thank you for sharing them with us.

    1. Thank you Marina for sharing your feelings. Chris

  12. Jeff McClellan says: Reply

    Beautiful work Chris. As usual, you inspire me to get out and experiment or to simply get out and practice this craft. Thanks.

    1. If you are inspired to get out into the natural world and be creative, that makes the Newsletter worthwhile for me. Have fun!! Chris

  13. Jane O'Malley says: Reply

    The ‘pilings’ and the blue flax are equally so very inspiring in such different ways. I couldn’t put one before the other! They both share a complete ‘calmness’.

    1. Coming from an artist like yourself, those words are like birdsong. Thanks 🙏. Chris

  14. Joan Loeken says: Reply

    Inspiration is always your gift to me when I view your images.

    1. Thank you Joan. You too have been an inspiration for years! Chris

  15. Elizabeth Holt says: Reply

    I always enjoy your newsletters but this edition was exceptional. Thank you. I haven’t been able to join any of your expeditions YET. Hopefully, it’ll happen in the near future.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth; we would look forward to having you join us. Chris

  16. Mary D Allen says: Reply

    We very much enjoyed meeting you in your studio with Gordon and Claudia Cornwall last week. I’m very happy to join your blog, and to see again Rita’s lovely Impressionist garden!

    1. Thank you for visiting and subscribing to my Newsletter. It was a pleasure meeting you and sharing the Chilcotin Ark video. See you on your next visit! Chris

  17. Avril Orloff says: Reply

    Beautiful, inspiring and profound, as always, Chris! I enjoy your writing as much as I enjoy your images – and that’s saying a lot! Makes me want to go back to Tallheo with you guys for a second go-round. Maybe next year…

    1. Thank you Avril for your DYCV support, your creative artistry, and always inspiring enthusiasm. Chris

  18. Sensing the continuous snow blanket outdoors, I gaze from my large basement windows in my downtown senior apt here in Vernon.
    WHIMSICAL! I was happily moved to apply that word as the best way to describe your creativity. I never thot pilings could yield such fanciful beauty.
    My task today is to gather all the cards I made that represent the photos I have taken of my paintings. Haunting me is my grief at having lost my Canon Rebel last week. Do I report the loss to police ? What will my tenant’s insurance yield? A very good friend, the young man who works the London Drugs electronics counter has offered to let me try out an older Canon he no longer uses. Life has been too much challenge these last few years! At 76 I as still tutoring Gr.2/Art teacher have dodged illness. I have as much company as I can share with my art creation. I hope my subscription to Courtney Milne is successful.
    Thanks for publishing such enchanting images!
    Leila Ward

    1. Thanks you Leila for your thoughts and your story. very best wishes. Chris

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