27 Replies to “Chris Harris Photography Newsletter #192, June, 2021”

  1. Valerie R Hensley says: Reply

    Love your words and work. I can feel the paddle strokes in your description. Yes, we love canoes. Sadly we must part with my Dad’s cedar canvas complete with sail and lee-boards. Great to see your art.

    1. Just writing about those paddle strokes made me want to head back out! Thanks. Chris

  2. Chris’ images are so inspiring. I can hardly wait for the July two-day workshop!

    1. The date is fast approaching; see you soon! Chris

  3. Suzanne Moshrefzadeh says: Reply

    Such amazing”oh, just let me touch that” art, photography, nature. Thank you for sharing so graciously. Quite humbling.

    1. Wonderful to hear your enthusiasm Suzanne; thanks. Chris

  4. Stella Haley says: Reply

    Hello Chris and Rita
    So much mesmerized with the reflections. Our beautiful world!
    Have lived among her many loved animals in the Gaspe wilderness , moose and Brooks so packed with trout we had buckets lifting out the lunch my mom would prepare for us 1/ children.
    Ahh .
    Now in Pointe CLSIRE where traffic and blasts of coal fired US freight trains shake one’s sense of peace.
    With so much so fragile .. like we all are. We still however see the beauty of the occasional butterfly..
    We need more voices from artists on the way our beautiful world that you share is drifting like the dead heads in front our old Matapedia fishing camps,,HALEY SALMON POOL.
    the worlds finest salmon pool ( stolen from my grandparents by Morgan Trust. Now known as the US multi ‘Millionaires Club! ‘
    Loved the photos! Hello to Rita. Was great meeting u at the lake front here and later at Pointe Claire Camera Club!
    We must be resilient!
    I am still working on the very highly hazardous wood burning. No emissions reduced in these called clean burning stoves certified EpA ( Ruling EPA 2014)
    Des my Twitter: Wood Smoke Free
    Doctors and Scientists Against Wood Smoke Pollution.org
    26% of Canada’s Carbon. So much we must stop if our children are to get a glimpse of what we have had the blessings to see and experience with our beautiful world friends and nature!

    Only memories .. for them ??
    well Chris, sending regards..
    Keep well and enjoy!
    Stella Haley

    1. Thanks Stella. I do remember meeting you in Point Claire and your enthusiasm for the environment. Keep up the great work. Chris

  5. MAN you sure know how to use THE LIGHT WOW terrific. Sorry to hear about your computer. Every photographers fear !!!

    1. Thanks Bill; it’s all about the Light!

  6. Michael o dwyer says: Reply

    Great work

    1. Thanks Michael; good luck with your knee!! Chris

  7. I hate to hear that your computer network crashed. Hopefully you have backed everything up so that, in spite of the costs, you can restore most of what was lost. Thank-you again for your monthly or bi-monthly newsletters – they are a photographic inspiration every time!

    1. Thanks John. I certainly didn’t loose any images; just a bunch of other problems to solve! Glad you enjoy the newsletters! Chris

  8. WHOA there partner, I think you forgot the can opener in the red canoe shot !!!!

    1. It’s in there!!

  9. Wow – the scenery from your Bowron Lake campout is spectacular. It always amazes me how you manage to capture the atmosphere so beautifully.

    1. Thank you Laura. Chris

  10. Janet Wright says: Reply

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures of the Bowron River Marsh.

    1. Those were amazing moments peace and quiet…thanks Janet. Chris

  11. Dennis Ducklow says: Reply

    Such a spectacular set of photos! And the various paddle strokes employed make them so diverse and interesting. Glad you had such a wonderful trip.

  12. Rick Church says: Reply

    Always enjoy your newsletters immensely Chris! One day maybe we can do such a trip together.
    Nice hat by the way! Rita needs one too!

    1. I wear that hat all the time Rick! A trip…yes. Maybe that calcareous lake with the blue spots. Workshops are just starting but hopefully in August. Chris

  13. thx Chris, always look fwd to your newsletter and photographic journey!

    1. Great to hear from you Darrel. Hoping all is well. We haven’t been down your way for a long time.

  14. Lois Mesner says: Reply

    I love your amazing newsletters….we think of our trip to your gallery in 2019, with much gratitude and cherish
    your picture “Golden Sunrise” which we have displayed in our home. With admiration and gratitude….Lois Mesner & family…Victoria BC

    1. Thank you Lois. Please drop in again should you travel this way! Chris

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