19 Replies to “Chris Harris Photographic Newsletter #191, April, 2021”

  1. Arlene Halstrom says: Reply

    Capturing the great owl was a moment!

    1. It was indeed!

  2. Brenda Muliner says: Reply

    Wow. Incredible photos! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Brenda

    2. Thank you Brenda!

  3. PIERRE CHABOT says: Reply

    You keep surpassing my expectations with every new Newsletter-Portfolio. This month is no exception!.
    Such superb images of your trip! Merci beaucoup for all this great inspiring work!
    Pierre Chabot- Mont St Hilaire

    1. Merci Pierre. Always great to hear from you and to know you are in touch. Dit hello a Mont St Hilaire!

  4. This latest gift of your newsletter resonates so deeply, and surprises with the mysteries of ice and time and beauty and art. Thank you for taking us into the heart of your adventure into the blue world.

    1. To revisit these amazing places and create these Exhibitions is richly rewarding; I’m so pleased they resonate with you as well. Many thanks. Chris

  5. Fred Nenninger says: Reply

    Thank you Chris for continuing to share your Chilcotin Ark images and words that transport me through my imagination to these magical places.

    1. It’s a thrill to share with you Fred. The very best to you. Chris

  6. Betty Johnston says: Reply

    What an opportunity nature provided you with the owl on and flying from your sign. I really enjoyed your presentation the other night to our Abbotsford Club and several of the other members have shared with me how inspired they are to try their hand at ME and ICM. You re-energized me as well. In the past few days I have created some images that make me really excited. 🙂

    1. Great to hear from you Betty, and very pleased to have been an inspiration to you and some of your club members. That’s EXCITING!! The very best in creativity. Chris

  7. I very much enjoy your newsletter and reflect on my wonderful time in your area several years ago.
    My daughter and I each have one of your images….mine is “golden sunrise”, from when we visited your beautiful home and area. Your newsletters are very inspirational. Thank you….Lois Mesner…Victoria BC

    Thank you….

    1. Thank you Lois; much appreciated. Chris

  8. Thank you for your wonderful sense of awe and inspiration in these small details of this earth. Judith Copland

    1. Appreciated Judy; good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

  9. philomena byrne says: Reply

    chris your photographs of the owl are brilliant wish our grandchildren could get one to live in their owl box Take care from Liam and Philomena Byrne Ireland

    1. Hi Philomena and Liam. Wonderful to hear from you in Ireland! Hoping all is well. I’ll give the owl directions to where you live and ask it to pay you a visit! Chris

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