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  1. Chris, I’ve been to your gallery at 105 mile, and we are going to be building on Vancouver Island. I really liked your straw bail construction studio. Did you design it / approvals / building codes , or did you have a designer draw up your plans? Are you pleased with the building’s performance? Thank you. Don
    (I’m on your email list already)

    1. I answered by email.

  2. Valérie Hensley says: Reply

    Dear Chris,
    I so look forward to your newsletter, you can’t imagine. My screen is too smalI, I only wish I was in your gallery seeing your prints. I cannot get enough of your impressionist work. Uplifting! Thank you.

    1. So appreciated Valerie.

  3. Chris
    This is a fabulous Newsletter that I really enjoy going over for the third time and know I will look at again even tho my eyesight is failing. How you have been able to put together all this material so beautifully is absolute genius. Well done my friend.
    Tommy Thomas

    1. Much appreciated Tommy. For the likes of you, I will share my experiences and expressions for as long as I can. Chris

  4. Hi Chris, I loved looking at your presentation of Gabriola Island portfolio.
    Has me longing for sensory gifts from the ocean shores. I so appreciate your news letters to see and feel through your eyes. Thank you 🙏 😃

    1. The ocean is an exciting and dynamic landscape, but I think I am still a mountain person!! Thanks Adbhuta

  5. Chris, your images of the Chilcotin Ark are stunning, beautiful and inspire me to take more photos. I am looking forward to your workshop in Bella Coola. Fingers crossed!

    1. Thank you and my fingers are crossed as well!

  6. Dear Chris,
    I always look forward to your newsletters and your gorgeous images. You inspire me to experiment. This newsletter, with your Chilcotin Ark Exhibit, takes things to a new level. Thank you so much for sharing your work and your thoughts with us, one hundred and eighty-eight times now, wow. I almost feel that I know you and Rita even though we’ve never met! ~ Faye, Belliveau Cove, NS

    1. Hi Faye in Nova Scotia! Artists create to inspire, so thank you kindly.

  7. Fred Nenninger says: Reply

    Thank you for writing this book Chris and for re-telling this important story through these virtual Exhibits. Your words and images take me to places i would love to set foot in.

    1. Hi Fred; yes, you would love to visit many of these places. They are absolute gems that I wish more people could experience.

  8. Dear Chris! thanks for sharing your story and the beauty of this region! I can hardley wait to get back myself — your newsletter keeps me tied over until then ! take care! Karin, Austria

    1. The Chilcotin awaits you! I hope you can return soon, meanwhile, I’ll keep you inspired with more images!!

  9. Joanne O'Dwyer says: Reply

    Hi Chris
    Happy New Year to you and family. Your photos are really lovely with such vibrant colour throughout. Keep up the good work. Nice John O’Donohue quote. Best regards – Joanne O’Dwyer

    1. All the best you all in Ireland!! I hope to be back there one day soon!

  10. Always a treat, pleasure and privilege to explore BC through your eyes and your lenses, Chris!

    1. It’s always a great pleasure to share my images with those such as yourself Bill, who have a deep appreciation for the land and it’s people. Chris

  11. Jane O'Malley says: Reply

    Hi Chris
    Break-up of an ice-age landscape is simply amazing.
    Good to read John O’Donohue’s quote

    1. It was amazing! It made us feel very small and insignificant.

      1. That’s why I love to go to Ireland…it makes one feel very large and significant!!!

  12. Absolutely stunning photography! Thanks so much for sharing your gifts. I wish you both a Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!

    1. Thanks, and all the very best you you as well! Chris

  13. Hi Chris! I’ve been a longtime fan of your work and always look forward to your newsletters. I just wanted to let you know that I won a copy of “Motherstone” at a fishing derby a couple of days ago. What a spectacular book! Thank you so very much for putting together amazing imagery of our beautiful Cariboo-Chilcotin region. I think we live in paradise!

    1. I’m so happy you won the book and that you have an appreciation for it. It’s one of my favourite books as it required so much exploring with ‘boots on the ground’! I agree, we live in paradise. Congratulations!! Chris

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