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  1. I’m also taking this opportunity for “re-discovery” … amazing what has been overlooked in the dusty hard drive archives (or poorly edited!)

    1. Hi Larry. There’s always lots to do in the world of photography!! Have fun. Hope to see you later in the year.

  2. Magnificent newsletter and sharing Chris. I am in the hospital. Bad news in that cancer has spread to my brain but radiation starts Monday. I still have sometime left I hope. It has been such a pleasure getting to know you and Rita and having spent creative moments with you. Sylvia can update you as o what’s happening.

    Big hugs, Ann

    1. Answered in person.

  3. Stephen Johnson says: Reply

    Hi Chris, thanks for this inspiring post and for sharing your beautiful photographs. I am a member of Lakeshore Camera Club and really enjoyed your wonderful presentation last year when you were visiting Montreal.

    1. Hi Stephen. Great to hear from you in Montreal. Hope you are doing well and are able to get out shooting. I was sorry to have to cancel my spring workshop at LCC but still hoping for the fall. Thanks for your comment. Chris

  4. Appreciate touching the ancient rhythm through your connected images. You are an ally to the rhythm of our time.

    1. Much appreciated. Living closer to an ancient rhythm is soothing and enriching. We are blessed. Chris

  5. Raymond Tremblay says: Reply

    sensational , inspiring…

    1. Appreciated Raymond!

    2. Hi Chris
      Peter Olsen from Kamloops. We chatted on air years ago, while I was still hosting the morning show on a local news/talk station. Your photography has truly inspired me over the years and this newsletter especially resonated with me, since I’ve also revisited former images, to breathe new life into many. The photos in this (and other) newsletters are breathtaking and underscore your skill and deep connection with this beautiful planet.

      1. Hi Peter. Great to hear from you again. I hope all is well with you. Thanks for continuing to receive my Newsletter. Much appreciated and I’m happy to hear it still brings you joy. Cheers for now,

  6. Love it, Chris. I totally agree – looking back at images once you’ve disconnected from the experience has surprised me a time or two too.


    1. Great to hear from you Jim. Cheers!!

  7. Thank you, Chris… your images are a welcome respite from cabin fever. Stay well, my friend.

    1. You too. Enjoy life at the new pace!

  8. Lorrie Fleming says: Reply

    Green Lake Greetings, Chris: At this time of silence in respect of the quarantine advice, your newsletter delivers a deep sense of joy and a fresh perspective into our quiet space. Thank you for taking me out for a little escape today! See you in May!
    Lorrie “missing the road”…

    1. I feel grateful to be able to share our beautiful part of the world. I feel an ancient rhythm when I am out there photographing. Thanks Lorrie.

  9. TERRY YOUNG Reply

    Chris, this has been a most inspiring Collection of Artistic Photography! What made it Extra Special is that it has generating a New Appreciation of the Cariboo for me, in which I had spent the Best 20 Years of My Life! From the 1970’s to the 90’s, was long time ago, but it seems like yesterday, as I browsed through your incredible photos!
    My love for the entire Cariboo, Chilcotin Coast Region came when I was President of this Tourist Region for 5 years, travelling the entire area west, to the coast at Bella Coola and east to the Thompson River Valley, visiting many CTA members and enjoying the vast diversity of the amazing and unique ecosystems.
    As you know I had operated the Red Coach Inn for many years and revived and restored the 108 Resort at the 108 Ranch! That was long before it met with several destructive fires and neglect. It’s comforting to see, it is again being restored.
    Chris, a copy of your book, Spirit in the Grass, a gift to me from a friend in 2009, occupies a special place in my heart, as well as making an excellent coffee table addition, inspiring conversation about the Cariboo!
    Last summer I spent a few days at a B&B on the 108 Lake, with my daughter as a B Day Gift, visiting some friends and I vowed to take a couple week road trip this summer, throughout the whole Region!
    Although I have lived in the Vancouver area for many years now, my heart still longs for the beautiful four season climate and awesome beauty of The Cariboo!
    Thank you for sharing this Beauty with us in such an artistic way and thanks for keeping the “Home Fires” burning in our hearts!
    Perhaps I may see you then, Chris?

    Terry Young
    West Vancouver, B.C.

    1. Wow…I had no idea you still received my Newsletters! That’s a long time ago, but I certainly remember you, especially at the 108 Resort. Coming to the Cariboo Chilcotin was the best thing I ever did and I have turned it into my life. I love everything the region has to offer; I will continue to explore it until I can no longer physically do it. If you do make it up here, please do drop in. I’d appreciate sharing some old stories and a laugh or two. All the best. Chris

  10. Allistair Ball says: Reply

    Stunning photography, beautifully captured images.

    1. Beautiful world! Thanks.

  11. Chris Wright says: Reply

    Beautiful work Chris, thanks for sharing those. I always liked your icebergs in the lake photos so it was great to see more of them! On the grassland photos, I must say how much that the photo of Mike and the other one with the rancher truck shows the vastness of the area given their relative size in the composition.

  12. And how about the rancher cowboy riding his horse; it’s huge country…wide open spaces which I love!! Thanks.

  13. Chris, your photographs, as amazing as they are, have always been an inspiration to us, but in conjunction with your insightful perspective and unique, deep understanding of nature that you share in your captions make us so much more appreciative and observant. In short we are better because of YOU.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Ewa. I feel blessed to have been able to explore such beauty and diversity and to be able to share it with people like yourselves. Thank you kindly. Chris

  14. Bob Steventon says: Reply

    Hi Chris,
    Every month your newsletter arrives and it brings with it joy.

    1. Hope all is well with you both Bob. Thanks for your encouragement.

    2. Joy to you both Bob. Hoping you both are still enjoying your photography. Cheers!

  15. Inspiring as always, Chris – thanks!

    1. Thanks Bill – think of you often!

  16. Chris , are you into DRONE Photography these days, based on high altitude images

  17. No, I am all about being on the ground!!

  18. Adbhuta Ananda says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing your experiences of re-visiting and re-discovering these images. I love the expressions of ice. The information that frozen water holds from so long ago is mind boggling!. I love the way you have captured how the ice was talking to you. I also appreciate how you use light to capture the treasures of mountains, rivers and grasslands. Love to you and Rita, Be well.💖😄

  19. The memory and consciousness of the planet that is held in that ice is as you say…boggling.I was aware if it all the time as I paddled my close friend ‘Chestie’ (my cedar-chestnut canoe) in and around them. Be well Adbhuta.

  20. Helen MacIsaac says: Reply

    thank you for this wonderful collection of photos-they are just amazing, stunning and meet my soul! Just wow Chris-take care and keep on shooting! Cheers Helen !!

    1. Thank you as always Helen. I’m heading out to the grass tomorrow…I’ll keep shooting!!

  21. Hi Chris…I met you back in the late 70s when I went to check PW’s program as my school district (Surrey) was exploring what path to take our district-wide Outdoor/Environmental Education program. I’m now a photographer living in Calgary and enjoying getting back into this world that you’ve spent the last 30 years in. Like you I’m from the Montreal area (Mont St Hilaire) and went to university in the Maritimes. I was planning on paddling the Bowron Lakes again this summer after last taking a school group out on the circuit in 1982 but with Covid-19 it looks questionable. Terrific body of work Chris and if I’m in the Cariboo I’ll look you up.

    1. Hi Brian. Amazing! Thanks for touching base. I remember your visit but can’t place the face! I visited Mont St. Hilaire last year when teaching a workshop in Montreal. I also visited my old home in Beloeil! It’s hard to believe how similar our journeys have taken us since leaving our home towns. Please do drop in if you pass this way. I’d love to connect. Chris

  22. Jane O'Malley says: Reply

    Hi Chris, Icebergs are amazing.
    love Jane

    1. Thanks Jane!!!!

  23. No surprise to see so many caring replies! The ice pix are especially exquisite, like crusted jewels. I too am rediscovering old work and family pix. Ancient photos are appearing, I have one of my 2 daughters standing by a railing at age 2 and 6, by what might be Lions Gate Bridge. I don’t remember being the photographer. They are 41 and 45 and I made a copy to send to the older girl, maybe she can recall! I also came across one I do not recall at all, I was 12 holding baby brother at 1, we had our bright blonde hair backlit and I wore the happiest smile I have ever seen on me in a photo. At my brother’s 63rd birthday I shared the discovery with him! My current project is prepping photo greeting cards for sale, there seems to be a resurgence in using the postal system and 2 new ways to sell have come to my attention, I have 4 posters 12 x 18 to hang in the Rail Trail Cafe. I can send you the 4 best, we are very much enjoying walking and cycling along the wonderful turquoise Kalamalka Lake shore.

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