37 Replies to “Chris Harris Photography Newsletter # 178, March,2020”

  1. Amazing captures Chris, I never tire looking at your images.

    1. It was fun looking back at some of the old images! I got exciting all over again! I think I’ll go find that place on the ground and check it out from a totally new perspective!! Cheers, Sylvia.

  2. Especially Love the abstract aerial shots of algae patterns, Chris

    1. Gee, I was going to write you yesterday. I have been thinking of you. Great to hear from you. I wish you the very best. Chris

  3. I enjoy each and every one of your newsletters, old friend….always magic captures! Greg Sumner

    1. How wonderful to hear from you Greg. I hope that brass banjo is still strumming!

  4. Brenda Jenkins says: Reply

    Wondrous, Chris! Viewing your spectacular and interesting images, it makes one wonder what all the fuss is about on this tiny crust of this world in these days of viruses and social distancing. I keep my eye on the beauty of nature’s landscape, and will drink this in and celebrate what is integrative today. I am with you in that, my friend!

    1. Hi Brenda. Great to see you on the ski trail today! There is no need to ‘social distance’ out in the grasslands!!

  5. I adore the Cariboo and have spent many days and hours tramping through it with my trusty Nikon. Thank you for a truly magnificent look at your region about which I know only a little. At 85 I may not have the opportunity to visit your places but I sure enjoyed the peek through your lense(s).

    1. I’m blessed to live here. I love the Cariboo & Chilcotin; happy to share.

  6. Very intersting work Chris. It is always a pleasure to see and read about your compositions!

    1. Thanks Chris!

  7. A relief to look at beauty when the world is faced with the virus.

    1. I thought of your favourite poem about the stone Joan as I made that abstract of the cleft in the rock!!

  8. darrel giesbrecht says: Reply

    what a joyous collection of natural abstract Chris! I am reminded of Porter’s chaos theory. I am sensing that you were the captured one that day! Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

    1. Great to hear from you Darrell. I’ll look up Porter’s Chaos theory!

  9. valerie Hensley says: Reply

    I was just searching our a heart shaped lake in La Mauricie! I’m so happy to no longer in need of wondering where or what. I can just love the shade, light, frame, colour, motion, story or not. Of your marvelous images. Thanks Chris.

    1. The heart shaped lake was a lucky find from the plane. It was a beauty! Thanks.

  10. I love the pictures of the Calcareous Lake – the shapes, the colours, the textures, wonderful images. I always enjoy your newsletters. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Jackie; always fun to share!

  11. After paddling against the wind all morning, I stood, exhausted, by the lake shore. I stared at the sky, my teacher & guide at my side. “Beautiful day,” I said, trying not to show my fatigue. Teenage pride. “Glad it’s not raining.”
    “Fifteen minutes,” he said. He looked up.
    “What’s that?” I asked.
    “It’ll be raining in fifteen minutes,” he said. “Better check your tent, Schultzie.”
    I checked and adjusted the fly. Good thing, too. It rained fifteen minutes later.
    Thanks for your knowledge of nature and for the wonderful photos over the years,Chris . . . and for keeping us safe (and dry) back in the 70’s. I’ll be forever grateful.

    1. Amazing and wonderful to hear from you Steve. What a great story; it brought back so many memories. I remember those times well…we were blessed. Chris

  12. Those are Incredible aerial images of the Calcareous lakes. I love the heart shape. Thank you for letting us see your world in the Cariboo. I have never been…..but would love to explore. Judy

    1. You are always welcome here; there is lots of space for all of us!! Great people too!

  13. Sage Birchwater says: Reply

    Delightful Chris. Always a great journey to tag along with your exploits. Last Friday I shared the Jokulhlaup story and photographs I took when we explored Ape Lake and Jacobsen Lake together eight or nine years ago..The Williams Lake Field Naturalists were duly impressed..

  14. Jane O'Malley says: Reply

    Hi Chris, Nice to see some of your older photos again. In particular I loved the aerial shots of the C
    alcareous lakes. Excellent abstract compositions. Love the vastness of the Churn Creek grasslands especially when I compare your open spaces to tiny Ireland!!! Janie

    1. Thanks Jane. I love the tiny spaces in Ireland too. So intimate. I’d love to photograph the country in its entirety!.

  15. So cool! Great memories. It was so wonderful to work with you on the Flyover book.

  16. Thank- you for your efforts to provide your readers with your amazing images and words.

    1. Thank you Domenic. I hope you are doing well wherever you happen to be these days!

  17. Hi Chris , what do you charge to multiply cows? I always thought there must be a way to make cattle profitable,you may have stumbled on the answer😇😋 . PS sorry I missed your birthday ,I promise to attend your 100 th!!

    1. Great to hear from a REAL rancher!! I can’t wait until my 100th so I will try and drop in one of these days. I’ll show you how to multiply your cow herd!!

  18. Chris, DO YOU ever stop to eat or sleep MON ???

  19. No time for sleep…time is running out…no time to waste!!!

  20. Buzz Denroche says: Reply

    Chris..I love that land. You introduced it to me for my drive to our Bella Coola workshop 3 years ago, warning me about the gumbo. Seeing that land again through your eyes makes it more magical and spectacular. Thank you…again my friend

    1. chrisharrisphotos says: Reply

      Great to hear from you Buzz…all the very best…

  21. Rick Church says: Reply

    Lots of familiar and wonderful images there Chris. We should do that again this summer, plus the long awaited stroll through the grasslands together.

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