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  1. Hi Chris
    Following on from your recent delve into photographic abstracts, I have a friend who spent a couple of years taking photos of fleeting reflections and had a book published with them and aptly entitled the book, ‘Fleeting Reflections’ which, I believe, sold out very quickly!
    Kind regards

  2. chris says: Reply

    Thank you Julian. That’s always a possibility but right now I am just enjoying the creative process. Chris

  3. Rick Church says: Reply

    Cool images as usual Chris. As you know I also shoot with my Canon 5D Mk III, and have done a fair bit of multiple exposures, but for some reason I have always used the average blending mode. I will be sure to try the other blending modes after seeing what you have done with them. See you soon!

  4. chris says: Reply

    Ah Ha! Now you are on to something Rick! If there is anyone who is not ‘average’, it’s you! Go to the ‘dark’ and ‘bright’ sides of life! See you in the field. Chris

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