Visual Narrative #002


Creative Momentum

This is an energy flow that moves gradually. There is no rushing, only a beginning, and then, a building of momentum.

Five years ago, I made the above image in a sandstone cave; carved by the forces of water and sky seen poised on the left. I had made my beginning. I explored further; the detailed renditions of intricate sandstone patterns giving me a sense of potential.

The next year I returned with an idea to connect the forces of cause and effect; the textures, colours and patterns of the inner cave became mirrored within the forces that created them. With patience, I continued to explore this theme.

The next year, building on my past discoveries and achievements, I completely reinvented the cave during a photo workshop I was teaching nearby.


Three months later, during a second workshop, I maintained my creative momentum by creating a workshop utopia, a place filled with creative possibility. It became a place to explore, teach, and learn.

By continuing to experiment with craft and explore imaginative artistic possibilities, I was building creative momentum. I found myself moving in an exciting direction to new places; intrigued about where it might take me next.

As George Braque once said, “the trick is not to rush anything; just begin, discover, and build momentum. Don’t stop.”

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