The Bowron Lakes (Hard Cover)


Chris has paddled the circuit over 100 times. The book represents 35 years of passion for both the wilderness and the twin artistries of paddling and photography. Contributions by Jim Boyde, Syd Cannings, and Sandy Phillips detail  the natural and cultural history of the region. The book is a BC Best Seller, and is accompanied by a companion guide book titled The Bowron Lakes: A Guide to Paddling British Columbia’s Wilderness Canoe Circuit.




In the midst of the grandeurs of British Columbia’s landscape, there lies a particular and unique jewel: the Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit. Of the people who have known and loved it, Chris Harris stands out as one of its strongest and most faithful advocates. As a tour guide and photographer, he has paddled the Lakes well over 100 times and knows the area in every mood and every season. This book represents thirty-five years of passion for both the wilderness and the twin artistries of paddling and photography.

Chris’s stunning imagery presents the journey of a lifetime. Here is the circuit in all its drama and in every light. The photographs are accompanied by Chris’s thoughts and feelings as he created them. With 150 images spanning the full range between precise documentary and impassioned abstraction, the result is a fresh perspective on the circuit and a pleasurable guide for both paddlers and visual artists.

Contributions by Jim Boyde, Syd Cannings, and Sandy Phillips detail the natural and cultural history of the Bowron Lakes. Archival images accompany these well researched texts, to illuminate thousands of years of human habitation and its remaining clues in the circuit of today. Chris’ beautiful colour imagery completes the natural history of the circuit, with portraits of many of
the species that paddlers are likely to spot on their journey through the diverse range of habitats of this wildlife sanctuary.

Review by Bill Burr – Canadian Camera Magazine

Subtitled ‘A Lifetime Journey’, this book speaks to the value of place and time. The place is the Bowron Lakes in the Cariboo region of central B.C. The time is that spent by the author in paddling the circuit a hundred times as an expert canoeist, an accomplished professional photographer and an inspired artist. Harris’s dedication and enthusiasm are communicated by images and text that will stimulate discussion with friends over coffee and may motivate you to plan your next holiday trip to this world Heritage site. Brilliant technique, a love of nature and the impressionist vision of Monet allow these striking photo images to transcend photography to high art and drama.

Just as some musicians (think Horowitz or Elvis) can arouse emotions by hitting a note or phrase with a slight delay, Chris Harris shows us the visual effect of anticipating and waiting for the right moment to click the shutter.

The accompanying text not only deals with the situations and techniques that lend themselves to striking photographs but also relates the natural and cultural history of the Bowron Lakes. As someone with limited canoeing and photographic experience but a great love of the outdoors, I was struck by how motivated I was by Harris’s images and writing. Appreciate nature and art. Get off the sofa and experience them. Protect the environment so that our grandchildren will be able to share it. Buy the book and spread the word.

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Book Information

10.5” x 10.5”, 176 pp., 1 map, 150 images
Each copy Signed & Numbered


ISBN 0-9685216-7-3


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