The Bowron Lakes Guide

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A Guide to Paddling British Columbia’s Wilderness Canoe Circuit

This 120 page guide book is a must for anyone preparing a trip on the world-renowned Bowron Lakes canoe circuit. It will answer your questions about bears & wildlife, campsites & fires, trip preparations, portages, weather, reservations & registration, natural & cultural history of the area, and what canoe and wilderness experience you’ll need to enjoy your trip.
The guide’s small format (6.75″ x 5.75″) will easily fit in a Ziplock bag in your pack so you can carry it safely on a trip! It includes:

  • The circuit by sections;
  • Basic paddling instruction;
  • The most challenging areas;
  • What to bring & what not to bring;
  • Appendices full of information.

The book also has 11 original canoeing illustrations by Claire Kujundzic, 10 maps of the circuit, and 29 paddling diagrams. It’s a comprehensive, indispensible resource for the Bowron Lakes canoe circuit, and it makes an excellent gift.


Above: sample gear list
Below: an example of commentary for one day’s journey.


Part One: Bowron Lake Park

  • The Circuit
  • The Circuit by sections
  • Natural history
  • Cultural history

Part Two: Decision Making at Home

  • Should we plan our own trip or take a guided tour?
  • What canoe experience is required?
  • What wilderness experience is required?
  • Basic Questions about the Lakes
  • What about weather and the best time to go?
  • How many days does the trip take?
  • How difficult are the portages?
  • What about campsites and fires?
  • What about bears and other wildlife?
  • Required Paddling Experience
  • Basic strokes
  • Basic manoeuvres
  • Trip Planning at Home
  • Planning the length of your trip
  • Large group planning
  • Paddling with children
  • Equipment
  • Canoe and equipment rentals
  • Food and water
  • First Aid
  • What Not To Take
  • Reserving your departure date
  • How to reserve
  • Registering at the Registration Centre
  • Travelling to the Bowron Lakes
  • By air or by vehicle
  • Points of interest along the way
  • Attractions in the Bowron Lake area
  • Wells and Barkerville
  • Local accommodation
  • Checking in at the Registration Centre

Part Three: Paddling the Lakes

  • Quiet and Moving water
  • The most challenging sections
  • The Chute
  • The Roller Coaster
  • The Isaac River
  • The Cariboo River
  • Other areas of concern
  • Part Four: Trip Activities
  • Bird watching
  • Fishing
  • Photography
  • Winter Trips on the Bowron Lakes
  • Wilderness and Canoe ethics

Appendix A: Bowron Lake Bird List
Appendix B: Bowron Lake Trees, Shrubs & Flowers

  • Campsite sizes & circuit distances
  • Acknowledgements

How to Paddle the most challenging sections:

Route paddling advice

Paddling instruction

Additional information

Book Information

5.5" x 6.5", 120 pp, 10 maps, 29 diagrams, 11 illustrations



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  1. Lisa McHaffie

    We used this guide in 2007 when we paddled the Bowron Lakes Chain. We are planning another trip in 2019. When we paddled in 2007, I made notes along the way. I think I knew we would always return to relive this incredible experience. Thank you to Chris et al. We are looking forward tom2019🏕

    • chris

      It’s one of the great trips; so glad you found our guide book handy!! I hope it kept you out of trouble!! Enjoy your trip next year.
      All the best. Chris

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