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  1. chris czajkowski says: Reply

    Absolutely amazing. What fun!

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thanks Chris!

  2. Jonathan Ratzlaff says: Reply

    What did Robert Frost say,? “I took the road less traveled, and that has made all the difference.”

    1. chris says: Reply

      One of my favourite sayings!

  3. Bill De Meester says: Reply

    Well, you old dog ,you have done it again, after seeing this Newsletter I’m grabbing my gear and heading out to find the snowy Owls. An hour to the dentist, how painful is that, sorry, mines like 10 mins including traffic lights.

    1. chris says: Reply

      10 minutes? You won’t have enough time to photograph!!

  4. Harvey Brink says: Reply

    From funk to fun – good work!

  5. chris says: Reply


  6. Another great lesson in seeing and creating Chris. I’m going to share it with the camera club! Pat

  7. chris says: Reply

    Thanks Pat. Your interest and support is appreciated. Chris

  8. Dennis says: Reply

    Ha ha, you made me laugh out loud! “This is ridiculous’. I went back outside more determined than ever!” The creative process knows no bounds with you, Chris!

  9. chris says: Reply

    Well, solitaire didn’t cut it!! It wouldn’t for you either if you had your Nikon in hand! Thanks Dennis. Chris

  10. Jane O'Malley says: Reply

    Hi Chris
    I love your new vision of surrealism – a lot more awaiting to be explored!
    Amazing what ‘determination’ can do while waiting at a Ford Dealer!!!!!!!
    Janie x

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thank you Jane. I can’t wait until my next oil change!!

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