63 Replies to “Newsletter #170, July, 2019”

  1. Rita Zamluk says: Reply

    Beautiful and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Rita; inspiring it was.

  2. Sage Birchwater says: Reply

    enchanting as always Chris…thanks!

    1. Thanks Sage. Hope you are enjoying your green summer!

  3. Sigridh Kiersch says: Reply

    Gorgeous, Chris!

    1. Hi Sigridh. Wonderful to hear from you! Long time….appreciated!

  4. Dennis Ducklow says: Reply

    Such a gorgeous and diverse portfolio of two small locations on this beautiful island. You can no longer say, “I’m not a coastal guy.”! What an amazing gallery showing these would be. Congratulations on your first artist retreat.

    1. Thanks for taking me there Dennis, it’s all your fault!! It was fun and I am grateful for the opportunity to have had the experience. More to come!! Chris

  5. Rosemary Neads says: Reply

    You did Gabriola proud, Chris. Love your interpretations, your depth. We want to look at your photos again and again; as with you on the beaches we see something more in them each time.

    1. Thanks you Rosemary. Thank you both for your Gabriola hospitality. I thought your Precipice hospitality was unbeatable; now this!!! I enjoyed sharing the images with you. Until next time. Chris

  6. Tim Matlock says: Reply

    Loved the whole newsletter as is the norm but seascape 2 jumped out at me as well as the 4th abstract beneath your honeycomb comment. Just personal favorites of mine. Keep up the exciting work.! I can tell you’re energized! Tim Matlock

    1. I WAS energized! It was fabulous. Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts. Chris

  7. Lynda Miller says: Reply

    Wow, Chris! Your story is one that so many of us are looking for. Superb images and information. Thanks

    1. Hi Lynda. Thanks for your expression…appreciated.

  8. Chris Wright says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing the photographs and the journey behind those Chris. A very successful artist retreat. I really enjoyed the photographs and reading the process, thanks.

    1. Thank you Chris. Your Tallheo inspiration still resonates! Cheers. Chris

  9. Chris: Once Again, you’ve surpassed the elements of artistry in sharing your latest photographs & visual creativity. You amaze me with your deep capacity to exeplify simplicirty so profoundly. Thank you for your mastery of transporting natures bounty into a state of brilliance. Magically, your sense of place comes alive within all of us …”believing is seeing”! Lorrie Fleming – Cariboo Confines

  10. Thank you Lorrie for your very kind words. You are a poet. So appreciated. Chris

  11. Chris, This is one of the best collections of varied works you have done in a ‘single” session”. Kudos to you for embracing the “normal” and the “”artistic” Wish I had gotten to know you a long time ago!
    Ron Jerome

    1. Always an honour to hear from you Ron. Thank you for your kind words. Chris

  12. K. Hartwell says: Reply

    Inspirational and deeply moving.

    1. With the ocean there the landscape in indeed moving! I just tried to capture it!

    2. With the ocean there the landscape in indeed moving! I just tried to capture it! Thanks

  13. Wonderful images Chris! Looks like you are hooked my friend … be warned, the Gulf Islands doesn’t practice “catch and release” with our emotions. I do hope you and Dennis will be offering the Gabriola workshop next year, it was such an enlightening experience, thank you both for a super time!

    1. Thanks Larry. It was a fun time we shared…you were all such an inspiration! We’ll be back!

  14. What a nice surprise. Wish I had known you were here. Best to you(s), Bob Bossin

    1. Hi Bob, I think I was in hiding! Next time! Thanks.

  15. Wow!Such beautiful images here…it’s always exciting to see our home through fresh eyes.

    1. We live in a beautiful place on the planet. It’s a privilege to see some of it. Thanks.

  16. Joan Loeken says: Reply

    I no longer enjoy most photography magazines as their artistry is nothing like yours. Your monthly postings are my “magazine” of what it means to share art.

    1. Chris Harris says: Reply

      Thank you for your new interpretation and expression of my Newsletters. Your thoughts are thoughtful, just like your images which have inspired many. Thanks Joan.

  17. Glad you explained the images were taken in BC I thought they may have been from another planet.
    Absolutely stunning

    1. Chris Harris says: Reply

      True enough . Another world is always within an hour in this province! Thanks!

  18. Jane O’Malley says: Reply

    Hi Chrisie. Very refreshing to see your fresh, creative response to a new landscape. There were so many that truly took my attention- but to single out afew – I loved your black & White series.
    Love, Janie x

    1. Once again…thanks Jane.

  19. Sue Williams says: Reply

    So lovely Chris. Zen.

    1. Thanks for your appreciation Sue.

  20. valerie Hensley says: Reply

    In speaking to yourself with images, your inner beauty emerges. Thank you for sharing of yourself and having the discipline to look, perhaps to see. Wonderful work.

    1. Chris Harris says: Reply

      Thanks for your expression Valerie.

  21. Michelle Clayton says: Reply

    Gorgeous photos! Just goes to show one does not have to travel far to create such stunning photos! I am still trying to come even a little bit close to mastering these techniques!

    1. Keep at it; half the fun is getting there!! Thanks Michelle.

  22. Your adventure on Gabriola Isl. brought back memory of my similar photographic & sightsee to same area –
    one Sunday, June 1951, when Gordon was away on a business project, I was on my own with big black Labrador, “Bugaboo” (named for East Kootenay mountain). My camera equipment, first post WWII Kodak Bantam – film was unique ‘828’ (bit larger than 35mm) with 10 frames. I bought it because film process was included with film.. Your pic of tree-covered road very like road I walked – first & only life seen, an old guy driving Model T Ford coupe converted to pickup truck. Found out from ferry operator, ”only vehicle on island.’
    Recognized Malaspina Gallery – took 1 or 2 ‘frames’.
    Think I told you, wrote story, published Vancouver Province

    1. Yes, you told me all about your wonderful experiences on Gabriola. They take us back a long way…thanks again for sharing Iola.

  23. Thanks for the beautiful experience that this newsletter provided.

    1. Thank you Janet; it was fun!

  24. Janet Wright says: Reply

    Wonderful photography Chris – indeed you are an artist.

    1. Chris Harris says: Reply

      Thank you Janet.

  25. chrisharrisphotos says: Reply

    Thank you Janet.

  26. Joanne odwyer says: Reply

    Hi Chris. Lovely photos from your trip. Keep up the good work. Hope you’re keeping well. Best regards. Joanne

    1. Thanks Joanne. Always great to hear from friends in Ireland!

  27. Terry Jackson says: Reply

    Beautiful pictures Chris; motivating by your story and supported by awesome pictures! Thanks for your guidance on focusing on the simpler points of photography that motivate us to look deeper.

    1. Hi Terry. It was a fun and very worthwhile experience!

  28. Buzz Denroche says: Reply

    Thanks Chris..awesome as usual..even for such a beautiful place! Amazing artistry.

    1. chrisharrisphotos says: Reply

      Thanks Buzz. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  29. Jane O,Malley says: Reply

    Hi Chrisie. Wonderful new creative work from your retreat.
    In particular I love the black & white series, but top of the list are the minimalist ones.
    Love Janie

    1. My favourite too Jane. Thanks!

  30. Cheryl Hannebauer says: Reply

    What wonderful photos of Gabe, glad to be finally here full time after having our property for 10 yrs, if you want to take some shots off the Ridge/ Seymour for/on your next visit, let me know.

    1. Thank you Cheryl; a wonderful place to be and to photograph!

  31. Dear Chris.
    Your latest imagery makes me feel that you are sharing the very soul of who you are. That is the greatest gift that we can give anyone, for it allows a sharing of souls.
    Love, David

    1. Sharing one’s creations, which involves one’s imagination, is indeed a sharing of one’s soul. It’s always a great pleasure to share with you David.
      I’m off to Barkerville tomorrow; I’ll be thinking of you based on your work last year! Best wishes to you and Lois.

  32. I love reading your newsletters, Chris! I’m cooking up a couple of photographic projects for myself in Vancouver and just got a big jolt of inspiration from both your images and your words! Still reverberating from the wonderful workshop with you in Bella Coola.

  33. Thanks for your kind words Avril. Your photographic projects in Vancouver sound exciting and interesting. I hope I get to see the results! Good luck with that…you will enjoy the creative process. Cheers, Chris

  34. Helen MacIsaac says: Reply

    Chris-I so much enjoy receiving your newsletter-I am always just amazed at what you can do with your camera! I especially loved this set of pics-Thanx Helen

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