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  1. I am so glad you were able to be with Jane for her show….it looked amazing…we were thinking of you both and sending lots of love.

    1. Thanks Kim. Wish you could have been there. It was an amazing exhibit.

  2. Chris, my heart soars in response to Abstract II and Abstract 1 and, well, just about everything you included in this blog, including your writing and your conviction that we are each our own creative path. I started up a relationship with my camera that became a relationship with my eye that became a relationship with my heart the year I lost my son (I was 60). To deal with my grief and growing darkness, I decided that the way to overcome my darkness was to fill myself with light and so I committed myself to the camera and to the act of finding beauty in ugly places (nearly everything seemed like an ugly place to me).

    That first photographic commitment is still with me, but it has grown into something else, step by step, click by click. I am 72, now, and just beginning to see hints of my own style; your blog and your pictures and your sister’s b&w drawings took me to another step, my foot still in the air waiting for a place to land (I’d say ‘rest’, but I know there’s none of that once motion has begun).

    Thank you for your commitment to sharing.

    Jerre Paquette
    p.s. The last time I found the sound “ohhhhhh” coming involuntarily out of my mouth as it did just a few minutes ago when I saw your Abstract II was when I viewed Sunflower by Vincent Van Gogh in the London Gallery and felt freed of constraint for the first time.

    1. Jerre, thank you deeply for sharing your story. I feel humbled. Never before has a newsletter comment mentioned the words Vincent Van Gogh! But most important to me is that I may have inspired you as you travel along your journey to find beauty. I know you have inspired me. As I mentioned in the Newsletter, subscribers who have written to me and shared their appreciation over the years push me forward. Your words will follow me and be a part of every click of my shutter. Thanks. Chris

  3. Generous and edifying as usual Chris! Thanks for keeping up with these inspiring newsletters! 151? Wow!

    1. Thanks Pat. Wonderful to hear you appreciate them. Chris

  4. Jonathan Ratzlaff says: Reply

    Keep it up, your newsletter is inspiring and stimulating as well. Sometimes we need to be steered in a different direction. Thanks for doing that.

    1. Thank you Jonathan; your response is also inspiring. Chris

  5. Thanks for sharing your work and thoughts with us.

    1. Thank you Phil. Sharing is what it is all about. Chris

  6. Seeing your images, Chris, always awakens in me the excitement of being creative. I thank you for that. Joan

    1. Thank you as always Joan.

  7. Brenda Jenkins says: Reply

    Chris: I love your newly formed statement “You are your creative path.” To find what that true path is for each of us we must simply express it. Whether we are a visual artist, or an artist of life, this is the simple truth. What could be more beautiful. I too am in love with Abstract II. I can hardly wait to come and see this in your gallery. Thank you for this stellar work of art and thought wrapped in this newsletter. Congratulations to Jane also!

    1. Thank you so much Brenda. Your thoughts and comment is greatly appreciated. Hope to have coffee one day! Chris

  8. Congrats to your sister Jane! I fell in love with her art piece you included in your newsletter. The seascape through the window has always been a detail I love about photography or art in general. I can only begin to imagine her work. So much talent in one family. So happy that you were able to be there with her. I also am inspired by your Artistic Rendition and Abstract II. Loving the colours and lines. WOW! Another fan of your statement “You are your creative path.” My husband has had Dementia now for 6 years and I had decided to try something with him. I was calling it “Our Creative Journey.” Using mixed media creating a journal of events and things we love. Whether him adding a thought or actually doing some of the creative work – we are having fun. Thank you for another great newsletter and all the inspiration Chris.

  9. Thank you Doris for your thoughts of appreciation and for sharing your story “Our Creative Journey”. I am pleased to be a part of it. All the very best to you and your husband on that creative journey you both share.

  10. Hi Chris, I usually love your nature photography best but now I am in awe and love with the monochrome photos from the gallery. I first thought you used a fisheye lense but the lines are actually like that in reality, right?! I am particularly fond of the Half shadow; half light image. The composition is striking. You are drawn from the dark first to the window then through to the door where sunlight awaits you. Thanks again for a very interesting newsletter! Next time you are over ‘here’ maybe you have time for a visit in London.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts Ruth. Many people have commented on ‘Half Shadow, Half Light”. It’s one of my favourites as well. No, I did use a fisheye lens for all of the B&W images! There were a lot of curved lines in the structure’s themselves but some were exaggerated with the fisheye. It was as if I was the architect making new structures by bending the lines in new ways!

      We are developing a tour presently and London may just be on that tour. Stay tuned to my Newsletters!! Chris

  11. Chris. What lovely images of Jane’s show at butler gallery. Got back in to hear her talk about show last week on 7th feb. She was great and so relaxed. It was great you made trip. Great seeing you. Best wishes. From Michael and Joanne

    1. Thank you Joanne. It was great to see you and Michael once again while visiting Ireland. Always fun to see you both!!

  12. Thanks Chris for including my exhibition ‘Black & White’ in your newsletter. Most inspiring shots of the gallery and the abstract ones of the racks of paintings.
    It was such an honour to have you here and especially to open the show.Everyone, including myself were very moved by your words.
    Thanks Chrisie
    love Janie x

    1. My pleasure Jane!! It was an amazing exhibit. Congrats once again!! Chris

  13. These are amazing photographs Chris! Thanks for covering the exhibition in your newsletter. It was really special to have you open Jane’s wonderful exhibition of black and white works. The exhibition has been a huge success with an incredibly positive response from our visitors and wonderful press reviews to boot. All the very best, Anna

    1. Anna, it was my great pleasure to open Jane’s Exhibit and I am so very pleased to hear how well it has been received. You and your staff at the Butler Gallery did such an amazing job of selecting, organizing and hanging the exhibit. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing you next year!! Chris

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