The Chilcotin Ark Blu Ray


Released September, 2018

Ken Marshall and Chris Harris (Harris/Marshall Media) have just released a Blu-ray disk titled ‘The Chilcotin Ark’. With 2 documentaries and 9 short films, all in full high-definition video with uncompressed 48KHz/24bit audio, it contains over 110 minutes of breathtaking photography and original music.

The two feature films are The Wildfire Summer of 2017 and The Chilcotin Ark. The 9 short films provide insights into the most dramatic parts of the entire Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region of central British Columbia.

Bonus: When you purchase this disk, you gain FREE all-access to the entire Chilcotin Ark website, including feature documentaries, films and even more extras not included on the disk. This means that if you don’t have a Blu-ray player, you have access to watch all the contents (and more) online.

The proceeds from the sale of these disks supports our ongoing pledge to preserve the integrity of this globally significant ‘Chilcotin Ark’, which you will discover is “the largest, contiguous, and most bio-diverse wilderness complex in the temperate world”. Our hope is to have it set aside as a bio-sphere reserve.



Harris & Marshall Media present “The Chilcotin Ark”, a phenomenon that could well be the most significant story of the 21st century.

Renowned Canadian narrative photographer Chris Harris, and platinum music producer Ken ‘highwatt’ Marshall take you on a visual adventure into the wild heart of British Columbia, Canada.

British Columbia’s Chilcotin Plateau is a land of legend, tragedy, and heroism. This is the story of a heroic effort by two individuals who fulfilled a dream; to preserve what is the temperate world’s largest, contiguous, most bio-diverse intact wilderness complex. Its preservation would create a planetary refuge, protecting wildlife habitat and providing a blueprint of diversity for future generations.

Chris has been a career freelance wilderness photographer concentrating his efforts within this irreplaceable wilderness. In his work, he is the sole image-maker to have captured the extreme diversity of this unaltered landscape. Through his passion, and dedication to the wilderness, and his art, the Chilcotin Ark has now been brought to the world.

Ken ‘highwatt’ Marshall, is a music producer, engineer, and composer. Ken was awarded a platinum album for his contribution to Linkin Park’s ‘Reanimation’, and his music has been featured in several multi-platinum video game titles and primetime broadcast TV shows. Ken has partnered with Chris in a unique creative synergy, resulting in a beautiful and original soundtrack wholly inspired by Chris’ Images.

This Harris/Marshall Media Blu-Ray Disk™ includes over 110 minutes of documentaries and short films all in full high definition video with uncompressed 48KHz/24bit audio.

Bonus Documentary: The Wildfire Summer of 2017: A Photographer’s Journey. This is a story about loss and renewal, despair and comfort, fear and hope, misfortune and happiness, resiliency and art.

Other visual adventures include: Fjordlands and Rainforests; Calcareous Lakes; Coast Mountain Foothills; Spirit in the Grass; Shield Volcanoes; Fresh Emergence; and Memories of Ice.

Also Included: Full access to an online version of this disk


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