This portfolio contains what Chris describes as ‘Expressionist’ images.  These images reveal the subject, but they are expressed in non-traditional ways. They speak more about visual expression than the subject itself. They are highly creative images in that there are no boundaries or limits; no rules. There is complete freedom of expression.

‘As I am no longer photographing for book publications which primarily documented the land, I am now expressing my feelings about the land; expressing a ‘sense of self’ rather than a ‘sense of place’. By moving beyond expressive Representational image-making, I am entering into new worlds of expressionism where the vivid reality before me becomes a new reality, where the predictable becomes unpredictable. It’s where I am being creative, original, imaginative, and fully artistic.

I believe that colour, line, and shape have spiritual value, and by responding to those elements emotionally, I often distort or exaggerate reality. The result is a more subjective interpretation.

All these images are made in-camera. My techniques may include camera movement, long exposures, and in-camera multiple exposures; in any combination. Post production is minimal, pertaining to colour balance and contrast.’