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  1. Ralph says: Reply

    Congratulations on the book. Seeing the proofs is a delightful/exhilarating experience, especially when there’s many graphic elements involved. A moment to remember. Now the hard work of selling the book begins, a task which many artists find distasteful and exhausting. I wish you well. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thank you Ralph. Yes, this is very exciting and Rita and I are really pumped to take our show on the road. There are some very interesting places to show people…some of it not seen or heard of before.

  2. Congratulations, Chris – always a pleasure to work with you, and also Harold and Rita!

    1. chris says: Reply

      I am so lucky to work with such a ‘team of talent’. Thank you…and Claire…for all your great work.

  3. Dennis Ducklow says: Reply

    I love how you take us through the steps in the production of your book. This is a joyful one! And the next delivery will be even better. Can’t wait to leaf through every page of my own copy.

  4. chris says: Reply

    Thanks Dennis…I can’t wait either!!

  5. Looking forward to your new book Chris. After attending your workshop in June I have been looking through your other books in our collection. Such a treat. We are also looking forward to your visit to the Abbotsford Photo Arts Club on Nov 21st.

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thank you Phil. I too am looking forward to presenting to APAC. It will be a fun night!

  6. this is fun to journey along with you, Chris and Rita! Thx for the opportunity and, as usual, hoping for all the best on the road trip.

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thank you Darrel. We look forward to seeing you on tour in the Okanogan!

  7. Karen Wrinkle says: Reply

    So proud. You are awesome and it’s incredible to witness your journey!! xo

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thanks Karen. It’s YOU who are awesome!

  8. Karen Wrinkle says: Reply

    I can recall those were Grandpa’s words always “Always have your camera”!! And also just love the “journey to the essence” and “just starring at the car as a meditation” It is all in front of us!!!! We just have to look! Ha!

  9. chris says: Reply

    Thanks Karen…yes those words definitely came from dad. He still is an inspiration.

  10. Einar Hansen says: Reply

    A timely look back. I took the West Side road from Lillooet to Big Bar, 2 hour trip of beautiful vistas looking east, down towards the Fraser, over isolated ranches and saw one vehicle.
    Beautiful country for a photography expedition, thanks for the images.

    1. chris says: Reply

      Wonderful…happy to hear you had a great trip!

  11. I love the images from the old Dodge shoot. I’m a potter, and some of those images call up textures, colours and design elements that I look for in my own work. thanks for this, Chris…I’m off on another journey, thanks to your incredibly acute vision.

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thank you so very much. Your thoughts are inspiring to me as well. I’d love to see your pottery with Dodge textures and design elements! Have fun and enjoy your creative journey.

  12. Rick Church says: Reply

    Can hardly wait for the big day on the 22nd folks!
    See you there!

    1. chris says: Reply

      Looking forward to seeing you there too Rick. Party time!!

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