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  1. Peter Tomashewski says: Reply

    I always look forward to your newsletter and images. Outstanding, as usual. Thanks.

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thank YOU!

  2. Jane says: Reply

    I like the new style, Chris, on top of your usual great content. It’s kind of like maple syrup over ice cream. 🙂 Have a great spring season of photography, and I look forward to your next newsletter!

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thanks! Anything with maple syrup is fabulous!!

  3. Chris says: Reply

    Hi Chris,

    Liz and I will never forget our experience with you during the workshop last summer. Life gets complicated and photographing get pushed to the margins, but the inspiration you provided remains. Looking forward to shooting again and in the meantime love the newsletter.

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thanks kindly. Sometimes it only takes 10 minutes out on a walk with your camera to get inspired again. Good luck!

  4. Sue says: Reply

    Your photography and newsletters inspire me do get out with my camera and to try to see everything around me with an artistic eye It’s not alway easy but on occassion I actually have some images I am very proud off. Thank you Chris!

    1. chris says: Reply

      You are right! I will look into that. Thanks!

    2. chris says: Reply

      Step one: get out there and bring along your camera…the rest follows!! Have fun!

  5. Cyndi says: Reply

    Wow, I love the new newsletter and website format! One little glitch that came up for me though is that in the navigation menu at the top, the dropdown menus under Home, Workshops and Publications don’t work on my phone or tablet, just on the full website on my laptop. Other than that the whole site is seamless! Congrats on all your hard work not to mention all the gorgeous photos in this month’s newsletter. 🙂

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thanks…I’ll look into that!

  6. Ernie Siemens says: Reply

    Enjoyed all of your images in this newsletter but especially the Duffy Lake Road winter ones.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. chris says: Reply


  8. Pat Teti says: Reply

    Chris, I got behind on your newsletters (being on a long trip myself) but I’m really glad I finally went back and read this one. It’s an inspiring set of images illustrating the importance of forcing ourselves to be creative even while doing things we’ve done many times before! Now to check out your new website…

    1. Chris says: Reply

      Thanks Pat. Welcome home!

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