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  • Montreal Residency – Day 9

    On Day-9 Rita and I strolled down to Old Montreal in the early evening. We explored streets and shops, had our culturally-rich pub experience to enjoy a local brew, and then caught blue-hour before heading home. All images were made using an Impressionist shooting style. Another great day! Entering Place des Armes Corner shop. Old […]

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  • Montreal Residency – Day 8

    Today I spent a little time exploring Place des Arts, Montreal’s preforming arts centre. It took me a couple of hours just to walk around the complex; an amazing venue. Rita and I also went down in the evening to see the area at night. Here are a few images I made; all hand held […]

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  • Montreal Residency – Day 7

    One week ago this evening we arrived in Montreal; wow, that went fast! Throughout the week I only used one lens, walking here and there, getting oriented, and trying to get a sense of where I wish to focus my photography.  I have dabbled with different subject matter and different styles of image making. Basically, […]

  • Chilcotin
  • A Night Amongst Skeletons

    One night last year I slept out in a burnt forest. The mood of the place took over my mind; it was an uneasy feeling. At one point an owl, silhouetted against the sky flew through the trees and past me. That was a visual I will never forget. I wish I could have captured […]

  • Cariboo
  • An Evening in Centennial Park

    It was a beautiful June evening, when I took a stroll through Centennial Park. Bridge Creek which was swollen from the heavy rains we had that month, had become the dominant feature. The reflection of the mid-night blue sky added to its dominance. Tomorrow night, a ‘Super Moon” will rise over Bridge Creek. Centennial Park […]