• Art
  • Real or Imagined?

    In most cases, we are more concerned with the material life as opposed to the spiritual or the imaginary life. This image is of a wood splitter. Most people see it in terms of its functionality in everyday life; others may look at wood splitters in an imaginative way. Artists, for example, might look at […]

  • Art
  • Why do I get so excited about Line!

    Continuing my walk , the contrast I was looking at yesterday (previous blog post), also revealed lines. Lines can be curved, straight, diagonal, or oblique, and each evokes a different emotional response. Light also plays a role in our response; direct light creates a different feeling than diffuse light.  You can check this out by […]

  • Cariboo
  • Celebrating Rain!

    With wildfires burning throughout the province, an air quality advisory from environment Canada was posted for most of BC. Vancouver was ranked as the 5th worst major city in the world for air quality. One source said breathing that air was the equivalent of smoking 5 cigarettes a day. Breathing has been difficult up here […]