Why Take a Workshop?


Why Take a Photographic Workshop?

Teaching a photographic workshop is a privilege, not because of f-stops, shutter speeds, and secret techniques to produce ‘wow’ images, but because we discuss photography as art. In our workshops the emphasis is on art, and creativity, because this is what provides us with a meaningful and rewarding life.

Whether we compose music, draw etchings, or make photographic images, creativity is based on original thought which originates in our imagination. This means every image we make is highly subjective and original; never to be duplicated by anyone, not even ourselves. That to me is exciting!

In the workshops which Dennis Ducklow and I teach, we assist and encourage everyone on their creative journey of discovery. It’s what we enjoy doing the most.


You may create images that are Expressively Documentary.

You may create images that are Artistic.

Or, you may create images that are purely Abstract

These and other photographic traditions are discussed in our workshops; not just the ‘how to’, but the reasons for using each one of them to effectively communicate our visual narratives. That to me is really exciting!

For more information about our photographic workshops, visit our website at: https://www.developyourcreativevision.ca/

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