Water Eroding Old and New Volcanic Landscapes

This is the third in the series of volcanic blog posts comparing our experience in the Hawaiian and Chilcotin shield volcanoes.

After hiking over a very recent lava flow that added about 4 sq. km of land to the Island of Hawaii, we reached the coast. The following three images show ocean waves pounding this new coastline; starting the never-ending process of erosion.

The erosion of a new coastline begins 

A spectacular sight to behold!

While photographing, a rogue wave completely soaked me, but fortunately I was not swept out into the pounding surf!

On the Cariboo-Chilcotin Plateau of Brisish Columbia, on the other hand, water has been eroding old lavascapes that are dormant. They have been around for millions of years. You can see the layers of lava in the image below, showing the profile of recent erosion.

   Water erodes through layers of lava in Helmcken Falls, Wells Gray Park, BC

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