Warm Morning Light at Farwell Canyon



Sharing Memories of the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast: I have explored this region of BC by foot, canoe, vehicle, skies, raft, snowmobile, horse, and by airplane, and I have photographed every experience. All together they have given me a ‘sense of place’. I feel most fortunate to live and have access to this ‘place’. The images I share with you on this blog are memories of many of those moments in time.


Earlier this week Mike Duffy and I headed west of Williams Lake to Farwell Canyon, hoping for those moments of magic which somehow always seem to appear. We were there before sunrise and it was cold and bleak. I could have slept an extra hour, I thought to myself, as we sat in our warm truck sipping hot coffee from our thermoses.

We were chatting when a shaft of light reflected off my side mirror, and hit me in the eyes. “Sunrise” I said to Mike, as we scrambled for our tripods and camera’s. Before long, warm side-light was angling across the face of the Canyon wall, lighting up the hoodoos. It couldn’t be better, as side-lighting creates exciting lines, shapes and textures.  With my 70-200mm lens set at 200mm, I scanned the features of the wall, searching for a composition.

Paying close attention to contrast, I recognized two large triangles, one in light, and one in shadow. After allocating the 2/3rd of the big picture space to the hoodoo’s in light, I then examined the small details. Those two highlights in the bottom center, for example, are so important in filling what would otherwise be a bothersome void.

What a rewarding moment. As soon as there was light, all thoughts of the cold disappeared. It was now another wonderful day of absorbing Cariboo Chilcotin beauty.

To view the vicinity of where I made this image, look at the Google Map above. By moving the map around within the window you will see  where I made this photograph. I was looking north at the cliffs across the river.