This is REAL farming. If you don’t know how it’s done, check this out!


At Horse Lake Community Farm it was time to plant potatoes. As Greg and Jack cruised up alongside the truck, I jumped on board to catch the action. You are about to witness a classic!


Next they dumped a box of potatoes into a 1920 International Harvester potato planter. There was a 1912 model nearby but they said the 1920 model was way more efficient!


Because we live in the Cariboo, it’s necessary to take a break and talk about potatoes for awhile before actually planting them! It was great and I learned a lot about potatoes!


Greg drove the tractor (not sure of the year but it’s vintage as well!) while Jack operated the planter. What an amazing machine. It picked up a single potato at a time, planted it in the ground, and then covered it. It seemed pretty high tech to me!


Box by box and row by row, all the potatoes were planted. Greg and Jack made this one of my most fun photo shoots ever.  That 1920 Harvester worked like a charm and it was a treat to watch them work together.

I can’t wait for the feast. I have already bought the butter!!