The Story Behind the Image

I have just returned from teaching a 7-day photo workshop with partner Dennis Ducklow titled “Develop your Creative Vision”. It was held at the Tallheo Cannery near Bella Coola on the BC central coast. It was another fabulous group of photographers who gathered from across Canada to share in the creative process.

On the last evening a combination of mist, fast moving clouds, stars, and an almost full moon has us out doing night photography. With flash lights in hand,  we also did a lot of light painting. The above image is an example as we photographed the building called the ‘bunk house’ where we all lived.  As you can see there is a combination of ambient light and light generated with a flashlight. The fuel cylinders on the far left and telephone pole on the right have been painted to give more context to the house and make for a stronger composition. In a larger sized image, you can easily see the mist rolling in, streaking clouds, and a few stars.

It was a night to remember and a wonderful way to close out our visual workshop. Stay tuned to my photographic Newsletter for scheduled workshops in 2018!

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