The Story Behind the Image

Flickers arrived on our property last week and the sounds of them pecking trees, telephone poles and roof tops, made me thing of the time I captured this image along the shores of the Fraser River. I watched this flicker come and go from her nest and I remember marveling at how perfectly sized the entrance to her home was. As you can see, it’s the perfect fit!

I also remember talking to Keren Wiebe, a researcher who had been studying and banding flickers for 12 years in the grasslands. She told me about a flicker she had banded that had migrated east to Newfoundland instead of going west to the Pacific Ocean and then south for the winter months. What an adventure!  I bet she just ignored her GPS and took off for a trip and adventure of a lifetime! Good for her!  I wonder if she ever came back to the Cariboo Chilcotin…or did she stay in Newfoundland…or did she take off on yet another adventure!

My kind of bird!!

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  1. Vera Busse says: Reply

    My God, stunning just amazing. The reason to live is to enjoy all things living.

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thank you for your comment Vera. Appreciated.

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