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I just love living on BC’s central plateau at this time of the year when different birds arrive weekly, filling the skies with song. When I hear the first blackbird, Canada goose, meadowlark, loon, and sandhill crane; I know that life is good. I am still alive, and the planet is still spinning. All else becomes meaningless.

Yesterday when I heard sandhill cranes, I ran outside to see if I could see them. Although a very large bird, they sometimes fly so high one can’t see them.

Because they forage in open grasslands and wetlands, we often see them close to where we live. Sandhill cranes are one of the oldest birds known to mankind. Fossils over 3 million years old have been discovered. They also are know to live 30-40 years in age.

Welcome back!

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  1. Ray says: Reply

    The reason they are sometimes so high is that they core thermals to save energy! It’s all downhill to next one! They are great to learn from. Love that sound of spring!

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thanks Ray. You would know all about that! If you had wings you would be up there too!

  2. Joe Simpson says: Reply

    Just purchased your latest book from Volume One Books in Duncan, Vancouver Island after spotting a review in Alan Twigg’s BC BookWorld & asking our local bookstore to order a copy. Thanks for signing it! Have trekked & photographed in places like Kilimanjaro and the Nepal Himalaya but reckon your Chilcotin photos take the biscuit! 😊👍🏼

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thank for sharing that Joe. I’m happy to hear Volume One Books ordered the book for you, and of course to hear you enjoyed it! Having also been to Kilimanjaro and Nepal myself, I agree with you!!

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