The Story Behind the Image

High above the mid-Fraser River Canyon between Clinton and Williams Lake to the north, there is a spectacular back-country road which winds it way, often precariously, through the Cariboo Chilcotin grassland canyonlands.  I have traveled this road often over the years while searching for beautiful grassland compositions.

One of the sights I often see are the dead vehicles which have gone over the cliffs. I know most of them, they have been there for years. Some lie in gullies, others hang precariously over cliffs caught up on a sagebrush, while other are wedged between hoodoos. If the truth be known, I have almost driven off the road and over the cliffs myself a few times while searching for photographic compositions!

Last week I noticed a new truck over the cliff. I always wonder what the story is behind each of them. Were they just pushed over in order to watch them crash down toward the river, or were they real accidents and were there any deaths involved.

The truth is, I have no idea what the story is behind this truck! It looks like someone just slid off the road and they decided to leave it there until spring. I’ll keep an eye on it. Maybe I’ll find out, and if I do, I’ll pass on the Real story behind this image!

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  1. Mike Duffy says: Reply

    Chris, Hope to join you out in the grasslands soon.

    1. chris says: Reply

      You betcha! Can’t wait to explore new niche’s.

  2. Shayne says: Reply

    Even in the winter when you can’t see the grass of the grasslands it is still a beautiful land formation to look at and photograph. So many stories to be told.

    1. chris says: Reply

      Just win the lottery Shayne so we can head out there together as many times as we want!

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