The Story Behind the Image

Nuk Tessli, situated in the eastern foothills of the Coast Mountains, is a place of many moods: bright sun, pending storms, starlit nights, and exuberant winds. Here on the shores of Moonlight Lake, we could sense a storm brewing but we had no idea what nature had in store for us that night. We just kept warm and enjoyed a hot chocolate before retiring to our tents.

In the wee hours of the morning a province wide storm hit us with force. While thousands of people in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland were losing their power, we in the alpine began losing our home; our tents. Tent poles snapped and our tents flatten out on top of our sleeping bags. We held on until daylight when we packed up and headed down the mountainside in torrential rain.

Eventually we made it to a small cabin where we found a lone visitor from Texas who was trying to enjoy a private holiday in the region. Very kindly, he invited us in where we could dry out, and share some hot food before hiking down to our base cabin at Nuk Tessli.

It was an exciting and adventuresome end to a very pleasant four days of alpine exploration and photography.


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